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  1. J

    When to you remove the Tups from the flock?

    Sounds like a keeper, fair play to him, did his job well
  2. J

    When to you remove the Tups from the flock?

    That time of year again, the boys won’t be happy! When does everyone else remove from the flock [emoji231]
  3. J

    Mule Easycare Cross

    I just finished lambing and crossed some, was wondering what kind of replacements they would make. Nice looking lambs
  4. J

    Mule Easycare Cross

    Sorry Easycare Ram [emoji28]
  5. J

    Do I have resistance or dying worms?

    No worries about tapeworms, usually go from our lambs after 3-4 months
  6. J

    Mule Easycare Cross

    Anyone every cross an Easycare ram with mule ewes? If yes, what is your experience with how the lambs turned out? Thanks
  7. J

    Solar Water Pumps for Wells

    Has anyone ever used these or have any advice? Thanks folks
  8. J

    Ovivac or heptivac for young lambs?

    We dose the ewes before lambing and then aim to the lambs at 3-4 weeks old. Just give the lamb one shot as antibodies get passed on from the ewes
  9. J

    Ewe Mortality

    Interesting point. A theory also that it draws them into a place and encourages them to take livestock
  10. J

    Joint ill

    We put iodine on when doing with rings , find it helps. Had a lamb last year who came good after 4 months!
  11. J

    Ewe with mastitis on one side

    Thanks. A lot of milk on one side and lumpy on the other. Will try foster one of them if an opportunity arises
  12. J

    Ewe with mastitis on one side

    I have a mule ewe with loads of milk on one side, lumpy on the other. She hasn’t responded to Tylan after 10 days. Any hope of her rearing twins?
  13. J

    Ewe Prolapsing

    Checked the ewe this morning and head was coming, the harness was in the way and wasn’t helping. Assisted her - she had twins and both doing well. Will leave the harness on for a few days to be on the safe side. Thanks for all the advice folks [emoji106]
  14. J

    Ewe Prolapsing

    Have the harness on the past few days, she’s gone by herself today so very close to lambing but not forcing yet. If no lamb in the morning I intend to take the lambs (she scanned twins) by hand
  15. J

    Ewe Prolapsing

    Hi folks, have a ewe who was pushing out last night and then it went back in for 24 hours, it’s back out again tonight. Should I be worried or any advice?
  16. J

    Ewe Lambs Low on Milk

    Started lambing the ewe lambs, they are good mothers however low on milk. Any tips for getting them going?
  17. J

    Sheep grazing fertiliser

    18-6-12 here, bag and a half to the acre and they graze away
  18. J

    Skinny ewe

    Have a ewe that is due to lamb this year scanned barren. Has been in terrible condition all year and got meal all winter and was housed for part of the winter with other ewes who were lacking thrive. Any ideas to get her going again? Has plenty of energy but is in really poor condition and...
  19. J

    Lamb adoption methods

    Foster crate always works for me. The key is to release the ewe for a 15 mins a days until she gets used to it. The lamb Will eventually pick the smell of the ewe
  20. J

    Lambs and electric sheep netting

    It works if there is a super strong current and no earth. Once lambs get a shock once then it they build up a fear