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  1. Nigel Wellings


    Has anybody seen the NEXAT machine that Germany Company Kalverkamp are testing at the moment? Have a look at their website (best press the english speaking button) The machine has just won a gold medal from this years Agritechnica awards. It looks really quite remarkable. Somewhere on...
  2. Nigel Wellings

    All action harvest video with a Claas 760 and GrainSaver GS 24-5 Chaser Bin

    Acres have been out with @FarmerTorque again to produce this really interesting video cutting wheat
  3. Nigel Wellings

    Three New Holland 90.90 Combines harvesting

    Not keen on spending half a million to harvest your 3.000 acres? Acres went to visit Walworth Farms in Warwickshire with FarmerTorque and his cameras to see an alternative.
  4. Nigel Wellings

    One Minute fun - Case 620 Quadtrack drilling oilseed rape

  5. Nigel Wellings

    Cab Glass Problems

    Had a friend (& client) ring me today because the front windscreen on his Fendt 720 had fallen out for the third time in 5 years of ownership. Seems to do it when the temperatures are extreme i.e hot today with cold aircon in cab, last time was in cold winter with warm air con in cab). He had...
  6. Nigel Wellings

    John Deere X9 & Fendt Ideal 9/10

    I am involved in putting some videos together of latest biggest combines. Along with Farmer Torque we have already done Claas 8900, 7700, Case 9250. NH CR 10.90 etc. All videos will get posted on TFF TV (Case and Claas 7700 already up) We are trying to find a John Deere X9 and a Fendt Ideal 9 or...
  7. Nigel Wellings

    Farm Sale-Braybrooke, Leics, 15/5

    Anybody attend this? Interested to get an idea what sort of prices the more modern Ford Classics made,i.e 8630,8830 etc. There was a lot of kit on the list for sale. Any other items that made particularly strong money?
  8. Nigel Wellings


    Over last few days we are aware of a number of farm workshop break-ins. Villages targeted have included, Brigstock,Slipton,Sudborough,Aldwincle etc. Most recent example this morning 4 persons wearing balaclavas were disturbed having broken into a farmyard using disc cutters, they were thought to...
  9. Nigel Wellings

    Agricultural Engineers- Insurance

    As Insurance Brokers for Farms and Rural Businesses we have struggled for the last 20 years to find Insurance Companies that are willing to Provide Public Liability and Employers Liability cover for Agricultural Mechanics. I have a case at the moment with a very good mobile mechanic going out...
  10. Nigel Wellings


    Have recently got involved with Independent Ag Engineer who is putting together a trailer testing scheme for us that we will launch in the New Year. Following number of high profile accidents and prosecutions over last few years we have seen the likes of dealers and TILLY come up with their own...
  11. Nigel Wellings

    Reccomendation For Immobilisers & Trackers to fit to Tractors and Telescopics

    Had a phone call this morning from farmer client on Leics/ Notts border. 3 Manitous stolen in that area over last few weeks. Any recommendations on best type of immobiliser and tracking system to fit. My inclination is that we need an immobiliser to stop machine going in first place, but then if...