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    Why I hate electrics

    Not sure if I'm missing something obvious or this is just the black magic that is electric having a laugh at me. Spent yesterday afternoon trying to sort out the 3rd sevice on the old loader tractor, got as far as replacing most of the botched and corroded wiring as far as the 7 pin plug which...
  2. J

    Where to find a light switch

    Could do with finding somewhere to get a headlight switch like the top one and wondered if anyone had any ideas as I seem to be able to find loads of simple off/on ones like the rest but not off/on(sidelights)/on(headlights)
  3. J

    Weights compatibility

    Just having a thought and figured asking here first was an easier option than humping wafers about to check. Is there any chance that JD 50kg wafer weights would fit onto a claas chin weight on a 530 arion? (That's the lighter chin weight rather than the 500kg one on the bigger arion's if it...
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    IHI diggers

    Just a quick one really, does anyone know what an older IHI would be like? Are bits a nightmare to get hold of, or are most major parts exchangeable with another brand? All I know about it is that its an isusu engine in it
  5. J

    Lemkin plough body

    Got a lemkin plough here and could do with identifying what bodies are on it as the landsides are variable and knackered but no idea what body the need to be ordered for
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    Last years workboots are nackered so time for a new pair, but what has been my choice for the last few years are now discontinued (DeWalt maxi 2) Have tried loads of £20-£60 pairs over the years which just fall apart after a few months, including dickies, amblers and Hoggs, whereas the dewalts...
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    manitou 840

    One for @ACEngineering I'm suspecting but chap I work for is having yet more issues with their manipoo 840
  8. J

    what combine?

    Got a mate who is currently running a very aged New Holland 8050 which is in need of replacement. They are only cutting around 100ac per year and they wish to stick with new Holland, but the combine must not be even an inch wider than 10ft. What models would be worth them looking at?
  9. J

    Siloking weigher

    Been asked to have a look at a siloking wagon that isn't weighing, under the suspicion that isn't had wires chewed. It has got an ADD 11 box and when powered up it comes up with r501, followed by a series of dashes and then settles on HHH on the display. Pressing zero does nothing, holding zero...
  10. J

    manitou mlt 840-137 ps

    wondering if ace or others can help, got a 64 reg manitou which is putting up a hydraulic fault symbol and the code 43000d and loosing boom and 3rd service functions
  11. J

    Recommend me a pressure washer

    Looking for a new pressure washer for home, got a small karcher at the moment and it's pants after being used to big on farm ones, it's only for blasting the car and truck off and don't want to spend silly money but at the same time want something that is actually going to shift the muck
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    Arion 530 fault codes

    Driving a 2015 plate 530 which keeps throwing up the listed codes and wondered what they are for and if they are all related Id7777h IdA48Bh IdA495h And getting what I believe is the air filter light even though both inner and outer are clean
  13. J

    Right to reject

    Can someone remind me what the name of the act or law is which allows you to reject a brought item for a full refund due to faults or not being fit for purpose? Asking for a friend as a car they collected yesterday with a brand new mot has lost a wheel today due to a rusted suspension arm breaking
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    Case jxu95 replacement

    Friend of mine has got a jxu95 which has had what is believed to be a catastrophic rear diff failure and they are considering a replacement. They want to stick with their local NH dealer but height is the issue, anything taller than the current tractor will not fit in some sheds and from brief...
  15. J

    MFs with pressure control

    Following on from what has been mentioned in Clive's thread about Massey's pressure control, what were the last ones available with the feature? 500? 600? 300? Or did more recent/"modern" ones come with it?
  16. J

    truck tool build

    I've managed to get my hands on a swb Shogun commercial, but need to sort out a way of getting tools and boxes/chests in the back without them just being chucked in and rattling around everywhere, so I was wondering what others would use? Am I best off sticking with plywood of some sort or is...
  17. J

    liner 3000 parts

    Does anyone know where I might find a liner 3000 rake being broken as we are in a hurried hunt for a couple of parts for one and the price for new parts is a bit steep to say that least
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    nearly new shogun, auto or manual?

    I've started on the hunt for a nearly new swb Shogun commercial 4x4 and I'm torn between a manual or automatic, had a drive of a 14 plate auto at the weekend and definitely liked it but should I be ruling out a manual as that's what I've always had? Are the manuals geared too high for pulling...
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    McHale baler belts

    Got a belt on our v660 that has got a split for about half its width and was wondering if anyone has got any recommendations or experience for repairing the belt?
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    workshop sprays

    As per the title really, where do you guys find the best place to get cans of workshop sprays from like gt85, spray grease, electrical cleaner and such like?