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    Lost Brass Cattle Tags

    We have found several youngstock lost tags recently . Never had a problem before . It's the Super Brass ones from Roxan , been no bother at all in the past. Just wondering if anyone else has had trouble ?
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    Best outlet for Cull cows in Cornwall or Devon

    We have a few cull cows to sell from our suckler herd , Not FA , and ideally would like to send them in direct . Any reccomendations for a buyer in Cornwall or Devon for non assured cows . Thanks
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    Livestock Market Deductions

    Is it common practice for Auctioneers to deduct 0.005 pence , Halfpence per kg from the sale price ?? Why would they do this?
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    Stoll 410 or NH 254 Tedder Rake Wanted

    Wanted a Stoll UM410 Tedder or NH254 tedder . In good order if possible . I'm in Cornwall , but would travel for the right machine