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    Wood turning

    Bought a wood lathe at a sale the other day for my other half (romance isn't dead!) And it's good fun messing with it in the workshop in the evenings. Anyone on here actually know what they are doing? I mostly just wing it having watched a couple of professionals on YouTube
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    Sheepdog trainer

    Looking for recommendations for a sheepdog trainer, got a young pup that I need to get trained. Ideally I'd like to send her away to get the basics and we can work on the rest of it here I just don't have the time (or the knowledge tbh😂) to get her started Based on Somerset/Dorset/ Wiltshire...
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    Water pipe

    I need a few hundred metres of 25mm pipe, where's the best (cheapest) place online to order it from?
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    Rugged tablet

    I'm looking for a tablet or a tablet with a case that can stand up to living by the crush for weighing etc. All it needs to run is a management app and have bluetooth. But it mostly needs to be able to deal with being dropped in the sh!t from time to time
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    Soil screening

    What's the cost to hire one in for a day or two, doesn't need to be a huge one but we've got a fair pile of soil and rubble to go through
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    Twose disc mower

    We have just bought one privately and I was wondering if anyone else in the country owns one? After a few tips (y)
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    Digger hydraulics slow

    5.5 tonne hitachi digger. Looking for a bit of help... Lift and dipper arm crowd have gone really slow, and will then jerk and start moving properly. Everything else is working fine and seems to still have plenty of power although I didn't have anywhere to test it very well.
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    Removing compaction without machinery

    So I'm taking on some land in the spring and having walked it a few times some of the ground is suffering with surface compaction. Obviously I could just run a grassland subsoiler through it but I'd rather not if possible. What are my other options?
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    Johnes monitoring in suckler herds

    Is anyone doing? everything i can find on google is referencing dairy herds, obviously i know you can test sucklers but just looking for other peoples experiences and how they manage it
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    Simple wash through system for a portable milker

    I have a small portable milking machine that I use for milking my few goats and trying to figure out how to setup a sensible wash through system instead of doing it by hand every day. Got a water heater but I'm struggling to work out how to set it up so it circulates through the bucket Least...
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    Ewe with twins and a bad udder

    Got a ewe with 2 week old twins on her and they've chewed her teats because sheep are f**king idiots. she's been feeding one fine but the other one is obviously not getting enough milk. Naturally the little one won't suck off a bottle Bit stumped for ideas short of taking them both off until...
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    Forage crops for fresh lambed ewes

    My turnout paddock is looking a bit worse for wear this year, probably not helped by digging half of it up to out a shed on, but anyway. Wants a reseed to clean it up and I'm pondering the idea of putting in something like plantain or chicory or a mix that can be grazed straight after lambing...
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    Water heater

    Looking for a small water heater to go in a parlour I'm sort of building.
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    Non genuine dewalt batteries

    Seen a fair few for sale recently for a lot less than genuine dewalt batteries, has anyone had any experience with them?
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    Broken bell housing

    f**king livid with myself, split a zetor 3011 to replace a gear putting it back together and broke a piece of the bell housing off on the flywheel side. Anyone know any good welders in Somerset who would weld it in situ? Or what are my other options? On an unrelated note I could do with a...
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    Metal preservative

    Need something that I can put on an axe head to stop it rusting. For a little project I've got on at the moment. Not sure if this is in the right place but I'm doing it in the workshop :LOL::LOL:
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    Pedigree Hereford bulls for sale

    4 young bulls for sale at the moment, pre movement tested last week. Varying ages up to 20 months and always more coming through
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    Digger problems

    Hi all Hitachi ex55ur here with a dodgy starter motor, sometimes fires up fine, sometimes it kicks in and then whirrs and sometimes nothing happens at all for a while and it will either start or not start. I assume it's a dodgy starter but finding any sort of replacement is proving difficult...
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    Hold down bolts question

    Got a shed going up and going to bolt it down. What's the best thing to use to keep the bolts in the right place when pouring the pads?
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    Cattle handling pen sizes

    I know there's been a few threads on this but looking to modify our existing system and put a race etc. In What size holding pens do people have. What works best? Can go up to about 15 foot wide and the shed (currently cubicles) is roughly 40 ft long though I might not use all of it