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  1. Swiss Toni

    Vaderstad carrier alternative

    What’s the nearest thing to a carrier made by another manufacturer?
  2. Swiss Toni

    Loose Smut in Hybrid Barley

    Seeing some of what I think is loose smut developing in a field of Sunningdale hybrid barley. Interesting to hear people’s thoughts if this is no big deal or totally unacceptable after using this type of seed.
  3. Swiss Toni

    Beans- pre em spray

    For the first time I have not managed to get the pre em spray done on the winter beans and now they are coming through. Is this going to be a disaster for weed control going forward with the crop?
  4. Swiss Toni

    Buying Seed

    Is it sensible to order seed at a fixed price before the EU vote on Thursday knowing the vote could change the market price?
  5. Swiss Toni

    Horstine Agroband

    Wanted Horstine Agroband, working condition, Yorkshire area