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    Krm fert spreader setting

    Does anyone have a setting for the stuff in the picture ? Can't find it on the app ! Don't really want to have to do a calibration if I don't have to !
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    New phone and broadband providers

    Any recommendations for a phone and broadband provider, currently with by but there customer service is none existent, and when you do get thru to some one they can't help and they transfer you to someone else and it go's on, and they are expensive !
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    Battery size/number for new holland

    Need a new battery for a NH t7 230, what is the number/size for it to save me taking it out as the tractor is on use and having to boost it in the mornings TIA
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    New Holland electric spool valve

    Is there anything I can do to test the spool valves on these, T7 230 lwb their 4b 2016 ? Got one working intermittently, and the f not linkage one has stopped working, nothing showing on screen when working the valves. Front linkage spool has not been used much and other would have been changed...
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    Recent large electric bills

    Can anyone help, recently have had a very large electric bill for my house, says using 30+kWh a day all that's on permanently is a modern style immersion tank and general household use, I have a 4kwh solar panels on the roof and I'm wondering if they could be causing it ? Could something have...
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    New bank

    What overdraft size in comparison to wholly owned assets should I expect, looking to change banks mainly because we would like a bigger overdraft facility to cover a diversification project, typical farmers asset rich cash poor, the project will increase cash flow and add value to the farm, od...
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    Pipe fittings

    Need to do some plumbing in my house shortly to renew the bathroom, when the plumber originally did the house they used "rifeng" multilayer pipe with crimped fittings ? Does anyone know what other type of fittings I can use on this sort of pipe other than crimps as a crimping tool is expensive...
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    Blue water pipe lengths

    Can you get blue pipe in longer lengths than 150m ? Need about 830m of 15mm/20mm in the winter and its a lot of joints if I have to use 150m lengths
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    No broadband but 4g for smart tv

    Can't get broadband to my dad's house but he wants a smart tv, good 4g signal, what do I need to connect his tv up so it can use Amazon prime etc ?
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    New Holland T7 lwb handbrake

    Anyone changed the handbrake pads on a lwb T7 ? If so is it easy to do or is it a main stealer job ?
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    Water supply

    If someone "hypothetically" connected to a private water supply without asking the owner of said supply what would be the legal situation regarding this ? Nobody who currently uses this supply pays for it and never will but this is a new build and a connection has never been discussed, it's just...
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    Front pto

    Can anyone give me an rough estimate of a price for a front pto for a New Holland t7 lwb, front linkage already fitted before I frighten myself asking the main dealer ! Or if anyone has a secondhand unit anywhere ?
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    In swath hay moisture meter

    Is there such a thing that will test the moisture of hay in the swath ? I know you can get ones that will do it once it's baled but is there one for when it's just lying on the ground ?
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    Ag tied house

    Simple question ! How do I find out if a house has an ag tie on it ? There is a property locally that I would like to find out if it has an ag tie on it. (Long story but I can't ask the owners, no bad blood or anything like that but have my reasons !)
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    Help with wiring !

    How do you refit the wires in these connecters ? I don't want to do something wrong !
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    Small caravan site dilemma

    Thinking of putting a small 5 pitch caravan site in, water no problem but the only thing I can't seem to find any straight forward info about is what do people do regarding toilet waste ? Any help would be great
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    What are these grease fittings

    Can anyone help me with these grease fittings, they are for track tensioning on a Volvo/pel job digger, can't find any in this size and our local stores don't have them in this size just smaller ones TIA
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    Protech post knocker

    Can anybody tell me what size rams are used for the telescopic legs on a protech post knocker please ? Not the one on the mast the ones on the front TIA
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    Zamberlan boots size 11

    Zamberlan boots size 11, good condition £200+ when new £70ono+ postage
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    Secondhand quad prices

    Why oh why are secondhand quads so expensive! Looking around for one at the moment and even for a rough one it's £3k ! Madness !