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    Knocking a pipe under a road

    If you are going to knock a pipe under road would recommend using a track digger to do it and the larger the better. I needed to put a pipe under a rather wide stone dyke (1.5 m wide) and tried using wheeled digger to push through 4" pipe. The back actor was not fit to push it through so...
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    Tesla power wall

    There should be subsidy or grants for home sized battery storage and if you make system smart can create a micro network that can help balance grid as necessary when required. Probably won't happen for a while but government maybe spurred into action should a rolling black out occur at some...
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    Tesla power wall think they are about same price i.e 8k installed for 10 kWh battery.
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    Today at work

    Need some justification and depends where it is etc, applied to department and they couldn't even find on maps so that made it a lot easier in this case. Wouldn't like to do anything without some sort of agreement as there are so many changes that happen over years that are not communicated or...
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    Today at work

    Our land is a lot of glacial tilth so the dykes around here were 'clearance' dykes as such as a means to get rid of stone so that our forefathers could farm the rest of field. A lot of times they were placed where there was a decent change of elevation in the land but not in this case. All...
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    Reducing the boom width on an amazone sprayer

    If you want it done right it is a case of having a look on Amazone parts manual and changing relevant boom section out, see what you have then see what you need . We rebuilt a Amazone sprayer from Copart that had an accident with a tree and the boom was all modular. Ours is 24m but could have...
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    Today at work

    Killed two birds with 1 stone literally, started removing stone dyke (approval given) and used it as sub base for concrete in shed.
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    Renovation or new build

    I assume from your post that your house doesn’t contain any structural timber for floor joists or roof. Timber frames are not a new construction method and are proven. Structural timber is structural timber and is graded and proved in that way. Whether a block wall holds up a roof or an...
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    Renovation or new build

    What’s the construction method of original house? Mate renovated his old house, ripped everything out leaving just stone and lime wall s then extended where he needed and rebuilt. Ended up with new house performance with old house aesthetics. Whichever way you go it won’t be cheap.
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    Storm Arwen

    Advised as its on SSEN incomer which has 100 amp fuse needs to be same rating changeover as supply.
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    Storm Arwen

    Had a look and can get changeover switches for between 70 and 140 quid. My set up is quite easy to do as can interrupt supply between double pole fuse and consumer unit. Is a new house so all layed out on a board with good access, will look at getting another electrician to do as homer as on...
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    Storm Arwen

    I was quoted £700 all in for 100 amp changeover switch and flying lead to connect to generator.
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    Splitting out elec use

    You should be able to get a clamp on meter which totalises, may have a bit of tolerance on error but will give you an idea. Google turns up things like this...
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    I admit, I have a workshop tool addiction :-) I bought one of these about 4 years ago, sure it was nearer 300 quid i paid for it. Not used it an excessive amount but it does give you a lot of flexibility, in particular it is handy for heating the inner race of a bearing prior to fitting without...
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    Mf7278 cerea users

    If you know how to maintain and keep on top of the 36RS it should be a no-brainier for you. It will be a nicer drive than the 36 as we went from flat land 36 to auto level 7256. Knew the soft bits from 36 and combine has been fine although had to put a lot of things right when it first came...
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    Russia ups tax on wheat exports

    Not entirely, there is an inter connector between Zebrugge and somewhere on the south or east coast. Unfortunately as has been said Putin is using Nord stream as a tool against the EU as a certain mr trump warned in 2018. A lot of sanctions in place against certain people close to the Russian...
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    Today at work

    Layed a bit of concrete a couple of days ago. Chinese magic screed has been a godsend, dad in load all dumping concrete from truck and was able to place and screed by myself. 5.5 cube here and another 50 or so to lay round about. Quarry says cement going up 16% in January and quarry plant...
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    New Water main across and drainage ditch

    All depends on the type of soil your are digging through (infiltration rate), depth of trench and where the water table is sitting at. A sump upstream of the coffer would be good to ensure pump always remains primed during digging process. Have built a few coffers over the years which consisted...
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    New Water main across and drainage ditch

    How deep is your ditch and what’s your soil type? The expensive option is to get it directional drilled and lined under the ditch. Next option is to impact mole under ditch again. Cheapest option is to dig track out through ditch and drop a concrete pipe or steel pipe in and recover. Old man put...
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    MF 7719 experiences

    Replaced D6 7718 with an ex demo 7719 and not been any bother only real issue was a radiator hose or intercooler hose popped which was replaced under warranty. 7718 was a good tractor also but needed guidance etc so upgrading it was going to be costly and price to change was manageable. Have...