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    Choose brand dealer

    I suppose you know that I am a Spanish farmer. Out of curiosity, I would like to know if in United Kingdom you are obliged to buy a tractor at the dealer that belongs to you due to geographical location, or are you free to buy within that same brand at any dealer, even if it is further away...
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    Since I was lucky enough to register on this forum, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot about all the topics that you write about. The truth is that it is a vision of new ideas, with different conditions, but with the same objectives and crops that we sow here. I would like to highlight...
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    Fuse F101 blown in JD 6810

    Can someone tell me why the 30A F101 fuse that corresponds to the supply of the battery terminal to the engine blows on my JD 6810 tractor? Curiously, it melted when the tractor was stopped on the grain warehouse weighing scale, when I got on the tractor. Any contact, electrical shunt ...? Is...
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    How much does it cost to harvest?

    I have thought many times to ask them the question: how much does it cost to harvest a hectare of wheat? A simple curiosity. Here in Spain, depending on productions and size of farms of about 45 to 60 € / ha Tomorrow I will start to harvest with my old JD 1174, I have changed all the silent...
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    Useful and interesting page

    I guess you already know it, this is It is interesting to follow the crops and it is also free. I just met her
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    Why manganese?

    I have read on several occasions in this forum that you apply manganese to your wheat crops at this time. What is the reason for that application? What is the role of manganese? What does it cost? In Spain I have not heard anyone need to apply it, but of course, with our productions the same is...
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    A question about subsidies

    A curiosity, now when the UK leaves the EU in compliance with Brexit, how are they going to collect subsidies equivalent to the CAP payments? In Spain, the period for the request for PAC grants begins on February 1, I suppose that in the rest of the EU it will be the same so that these...
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    Direct Seed drill Solá Ceres TM 2612

    I put some pictures of my seeder Solá CERES tm 2612, grid seeder with a transport width of 3 meters and 4 meters of work. With a hopper of 2,400 liters dragged and that can handle perfectly with a tractor of 100-110 hp I personally am very happy with the work of this machine. With 25 arms in 4...
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    Remove trailer pressure hubcaps

    I have to grease the trailer axle bearings. What method do you use to remove the pressure hub caps that cover the bearings? They are very tight and I don't want to damage them Thank you
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    How to reset the service interval on a JD 6130M?

    Good afternoon, can someone tell me how to zero the service interval in a 6130M so that the vtv 914 warning does not come out, there is a way that is to zero the hours between maintenance, but no longer warns you when the time comes , at the dealership when I ask them, they don’t release a...
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    Why manganese or magnesium sulfate?

    I am very happy to have registered in this forum. Since I did it I have learned a lot, because I notice that the participants of this forum are professionals of agriculture and you are worried about the new techniques. I would like to know the reason to apply manganese or magnesium sulfate to...
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    how to know the real hours in a john deere series 10

    Hello, I would like to know how to know the real hours on a JD tractor of the series 10 that I want to buy used. I have heard that you have to put a fuse in a point of the fuse box and then with the remote to vary the options of the main screen under the steering wheel is giving an information...
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    Why?, Where is this?

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    Ammonium sulphate adjuvant

    Hello, I would like to know your experience in the use of ammonium sulphate as an adjuvant and enhancer in the mixture of the phytosanitary products glyphosate and sulfonylureas antigramineas. I have read that this mixture is very interesting and here it is not done Thank you