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    Meet my pigs.

    I can smell that
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    Building plot

    I wouldn’t let a builder run my farm
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    Where to sell eggs

    I know. I was surprised when I first came here to hear ´imperial’ measurement terms. The metric system was only introduced after the revolution. It was done badly so napoleon rejigged the imperial system, so a livre (lb) became the name for 500g. The imperial system is derived from the Romans...
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    Where to sell eggs

    Ive just started this year. I started with 240 hens and sell the eggs on the side of the road with an egg vending machine. We’re in France so things may be different, here under 250 hens is subject to less rigorous rules. Our aim is to walk, then run. So we’ll go up to 550 in the spring. Once we...
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    New toy day

    Speaks French and English doesn’t hear either
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    New toy day

    New JRT, Crumble, who’s fitting right in. Upsetting the cats and the lab, as a jack should.
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    Thought some of you would like to see a cotton gin

    interesting Thanks
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    Pictures From France

    From the beginning of November. A Roman road trip, Pont du Gard and Tiberius’ Arch at Orange.
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    Farming in France

    Another one here, further south and vines/ fruit.
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    How does the bintello film behave in the wind?
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    Quitting smoking

    Several years
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    Quitting smoking

    I did it with Alan Carr. I went to a morning session and have been free of the fcking things for 20 years. At Alan Carr they don’t talk about why you should give up, you know that, but what keeps you smoking. Once they’ve explained how the trap works, you’re free I smoked 20-30 a day, at...
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    You’ve got some clever crows there. I get some bird damage on cherries, though this year I lost more to wild boar, who came every night And got the low ones, they broke low branches too. Birds tend to prefer to perch away from where they eat, fly in to feed, then return to perch. My orchards...
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Destined for juice? Cox makes a lovely juice
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Good looking crop. What rootstock are they on?
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    Any soft fruit growers out there?

    Very varied here. our Village is down 30% overall, some frost and some drought. i have friends that are down 75%. It never seems to translate into better prices though, as stock tends to absorb the bumps in production. We‘re all finished, and overall a good year. Started well with cherries...
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    Strawberry short stamens

    In general Keep EC to 1,4 if hot, 1,8 if cooler. what EC is the water ? i would test water and tailor the feeds accordingly.
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    Cash is King or Not?

    No. Staff don’t ring in the transaction, and pocket the cash. No cash no pocketing. However your general point is correct, tills keep people straight.
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    Running out of time

    Enjoyed that, thanks for posting
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    Today NOT at work

    Congratulations and phew.