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    Minette Batters one Question Time tonight.

    Sorry if it has already been posted, but for anyone who may be interested I have just seen that Minette Batters is one of the panelists on QT after the news on BBC1 tonight.
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    So is this the post Brexit Utopia we were promised?

    There was a new golden dawn promised by arch Brexiteers if we left the EU. The reality so far, while we await the belated sunrise, which I’m sure will happen: is partially unharvested fruit and vegetable crops, galloping inflation, a chronic shortage of delivery drivers, chaotic scenes at fuel...
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    ECU repairs/ sales

    Anyone had dealings with any good firms that test and repair, and/or sell reconditioned ECUs for Massey Ferguson tractors? In this case a 6200 series with hydraulic problems. TIA.
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    Massey 6200 series hydraulics.

    The up/down rocker switch works fine and raises and lowers the rear linkage. However all other functions seem to be ‘dead’ including all raise and lower buttons, and the rotary dials console that governs lift height, draft etc etc with no red lights showing as would be expected. Has anyone any...
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    Best jump starter for tractors?

    As above, what heavy duty power packs do people use to jump start farm vehicles, best value, quality and any other opinions would be appreciated.
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    Ad blue in cars

    Just had the warning ad blue instruction come up on VW Tiguan. Can I just use tractor ad blue or is there a different spec for cars and different engines? TIA
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    Any ideas on a cheap and simple water pump to feed a trough?

    I just need a small low volume pump to move water to a field trough that is only about 15’ higher than a gravity fed supply. A pressure vessel would seem a bit OTT for what will only need about 200l a day pumping to a low head of gravity. Would even a small battery pump act as a relay boost...
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    Tractor brochures and leaflets.

    Why is it that on the final pages of these brochures featuring the company back up and servicing schedules the main dealer’s mechanic is always photographed in clean overalls carefully removing the air filter? The owner is always there, looking on with a smile, as his new tractor is inspected...
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    All creatures great and small, Baldrick alert!

    Baldrick alert!! Mrs Hall has just shouted ‘Bed, NOW!’ to Siegfried. Just thought you would like to know that it may be time to tune in Balders?
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    Small solar panel/s for stable block.

    Sorry if this has been covered in previous posts, but I rarely go on this particular topic. I need to provide LED lighting to a stable block and am hoping to do so using a few small panels. The total lighting wattage would be probably no more than about 200 watts, say half a dozen @ 10w and...
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    Hay tedding price per acre?

    As above I just need an idea what is the going rate for tedding grass please: will be done at least four or five times for hay, but just need the price per acre/ pass.
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    Water flow and gravity

    Basically we have had to install a new header tank to supply the farm by gravity. The old galvanised tanks were of 400 gallon capacity but are not now fit for purpose. The new tank is smaller but fed by a float switch activated pump which fills the tank in a matter of minutes. Admittedly the new...
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    Anybody remember Lupat grain bins, made in Otley Yorkshire?

    In the sixties when I was a child, there were a number of farms around here that fitted blue three ton Lupat grain bins to trailers. These steel containers collected the grain from combines and could be fitted with either a single grain chute or twin bagging points with over centre clamps to...
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    Comparable oil to ATF

    What other oil would work ok and be acceptable in a torque converter instead of ATF if a substitute were needed?
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    There goes half a tonne of barley!

    Don’t use my old 12m Hardi sprayer much these days, but for odds and ends it stays on my Massey 265 so that I can boast on The Farm Forum that I have a self propelled sprayer. Anyway, I had somehow managed to knock off a nozzle holder last autumn and forgot about it until I rocked up into a...
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    Dust storms

    Looking down towards the River Clwyd at Rhuddlan and there have been clouds of dust blowing all morning off acres of maize fields; God knows how many tonnes of soil have been blown out to sea! Never seen it before and quite frightening to witness!
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    JCB 531 70 construction spec.

    Has anyone any experience of these machines? Supposedly 105hp, is this enough waft for farm use? Apart from having no auto hitch how do they differ from Agri spec models?
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    Engine causing interference on reversing camera screen

    As above on a JCB loadall. Reversing camera screen gives a perfect image with just ignition switched on: but with the engine running the screen is much less clear with seemingly dozens of horizontal fine lines and a slight flickering image. Any ideas as to what might be causing this? Maybe...
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    What value for a shed for cattle?

    As above really, without any feed or bedding, but just for shed and water what would be a realistic price per head per month, or by square footage per month? I appreciate that this is a bit like ‘how long is a piece of string?’ if you think of the opportunity costs of more valued storage etc...
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    £40,000 for new Defender!?

    Just been reading a motoring article that estimates the new Land Rover Defender is likely to cost anything between £40,000 and £70,000! Obviously yet another Land Rover model aimed at the bloated Chelsea tractor market and way above the budget of most working farmers. Looks like I will have to...