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  1. Ffermer Bach

    Tree Planting in Wales

    Talking about tree planting in Wales on Radio 4, well done the attitude of John Davies of NFU Cymru. I am pleased this is getting more into the public domain now, hopefully it will put a stop to it.
  2. Ffermer Bach

    Dog Parents

    Listening to radio 4 just before lunch, they were talking about Vegan dog snacks, and I am pretty sure they called dog owners, dog parents, what on earth is that all about!!!
  3. Ffermer Bach

    Food Poverty

    Just come across this phrase, in an article in the Telegraph by Charles Moore. I think he is right, and it will be self inflicted by our governing classes too. Theresa May’s energy price cap was a clumsy statist measure to mitigate this self-created problem. It does nothing to solve it, and it...
  4. Ffermer Bach

    Kelvin's Farm on BBC

    What are the thoughts on it? Kelvin Antionette and the BBC are trying to cash in on the Clarkson's Farm series that they missed out on I think.
  5. Ffermer Bach

    Grassland better for Carbon Capture than Trees

    Just came across this article (I know it's older, but still relevant), I wish this message was out there more.
  6. Ffermer Bach

    Fine to go to the office

    I hear that we will have a £60 fine if we go to the office!
  7. Ffermer Bach

    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    Primary school teacher sacked after being caught on film kicking horse Footage of Sarah Moulds shared online by Hertfordshire Hunt Saboteurs viewed by millions in November 00:28 Huntswoman filmed appearing to kick and punch a horse – video Léonie Chao-Fong Mon 20 Dec 2021 23.05 GMT A...
  8. Ffermer Bach

    Voting Conservative

    After hearing that a junior transport minister says "owning a car is so 20th century", it makes me wonder if the party has been taken over by urban green activists. What am I expected to do, use an e scooter...
  9. Ffermer Bach

    Oil boiler

    I have an old oil boiler in the house, I heat the house with the log burner, but have the boiler on (combi boiler) to heat the water. I think the boiler has reached the end of it's useful life, should I replace it with a combi boiler or a regular boiler and fit an immersion heater and tank...
  10. Ffermer Bach

    Carbon Neutral Milk

    Meet the British dairy farmers fighting back against the vegan plant-milk boom The creators of a pioneering, carbon-neutral product hope to reignite the nation's thirst for cow's milk BySue Quinn4 October 2021 • 6:00am Francis Clarke, MD of Trewithen Dairy which is pioneering a carbon-neutral...
  11. Ffermer Bach

    Wayne Couzens

    I think he should not have a whole life sentence, rather a long drop with a short rope
  12. Ffermer Bach

    Tree Planting

    An article I 100% agree with, I just wish this would become more mainstream, instead of the constant "green wash" we constantly keep hearing. Planting trees isn’t the answer to saving the planet worReforestation is often seen as the best solution to digging our way out of the climate crisis but...
  13. Ffermer Bach

    Radio 4

    just sent this off after listening to the World at 1 during lunch, I wonder if I will get a response? Dear Sir/Madam, . I am an avid Radio 4 listener as well as an organic/regenerative farmer. I have just been listening to The World at 1, and they interviewed Dale Vince, who was saying...
  14. Ffermer Bach

    painting sheds - advice

    Thinking of painting sheds here, advice on airless sprayers, how easy is it? Quoted an extortionate amount by someone, so maybe have a go myself, advice please
  15. Ffermer Bach

    What do we think of Drax?

    Britain backs bio-mass energy in race to hit emissions targets Burning renewable trees promises carbon-free power – but it may not stack up ByRachel Millard2 March 2020 • 6:00am Burning wood chips for power is controversial CREDIT: Daniel Lewis Rising and falling with the tides of the Humber...
  16. Ffermer Bach

    Electric fencing paddocks

    does everybody take them down in the autumn, and put the temporary electric fencing back up in the spring or just leave there all winter, even if the fields are not being grazed?
  17. Ffermer Bach

    nofence electric collars, fenceless grazing system

    Anyone using them? What does everyone think?
  18. Ffermer Bach

    BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

    Just listened to a section on the Today programme about the new report out and interview with Minette Batters and also Helen Browning (I think Soil Association), I thought they were ok in what they said, especially Helen saying the cost of food does not but should include the "society" costs of...
  19. Ffermer Bach

    Radio New Zealand interview with Doctor about red meat

    I am a big fan of Dr Gary Fettke, but it seemed to me that every time he started to explain his reasoning (and win the argument, the interviewer interrupted and changed the question), terrible interviewer with an obvious agenda...
  20. Ffermer Bach

    Ruumi grassland software

    What are others thoughts? Just read they do the grass measurement by satellite, saying why waste your time walking and plonking? I have been looking at walking round the farm once a week, as actually great for my fitness, waist measurement and overall well being to have a walk and not quad bike...