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    Ford 8340 Quadmod tranmission

    Evening all Just recently on cold start up 3rd and 4th or 7th and 8th do not engage properly. Stationary, an with the brakes off, you can feel the tractor just bite then drop drive. After about five minutes or so it will generally work OK. Oddly the delay, in the past when cold, was 2nd or 6th...
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    Ford 3930 rear end oil

    Hi Friend is giving a service to charity owned 3930 8 speed. Is the gearbox all in one with the rear end on those models. I seem to have a vague recollection some of the 1000 series were separate? I assume a good SUTO will be adequate? TIA Peter
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    Telehandler tyres

    A question for the wheel and tyre experts. I have 460/70 24 fitted. Could I fit a 440/80 24 on the same rims? Thanks
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    Richard Western SF14 HS

    Can anyone tell me what this is? Found it on the floor. Not my trailer. Thanks
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    Upland farm rents

    Evening all What would a ball park figure be for FBT rent in a SLFA ? 200 acres of fairly steep hill and 100 acres of more accessible land, with a handful of buildings, some of which not suitable for modern machinery. No house. Entitlements with the land. Thanks
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    Countax 50 Yanmar diesel

    Morning all. Has anyone had experience of these. I have seen a few older but tidy looking ones for sale. They appear to have a powered collector, electric height control and, on some, power steering. Also a JCB badged varient. Thanks
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    Hand start technique

    Made me smile.
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    New Holland LM 435 (Manitou derived) electro-hydraulic fault.

    Bit of a long shot. Has any one experience of the the New Holland/Manitou fitted with a manual joystick with the boom and 3rd service on electric buttons to pilot solenoids. The electrical part seems to have gone haywire. The boom in/out will work but carries on after button released for some...
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    Broken metal in 4.98 sump ID

    Guy on another forum has found this in the sump. I never have had the bottom end apart on a Leyland engine but is it a bearing cage? Thanks
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    New Holland round belt balers

    Hi All What sort of reputation do the mid 000 New Holland yellow livery round balers have? Are they reliable and easy to use? I currently have a JD 550. Anything to look out for? If they are set up for chopping can knives be easily removed for hay only? Thanks
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    Amazone Spreaders

    Hi use an ancient Amazone that we must have bought secondhand 30 years ago. Never been accurate and seemed to vary between products. It has however kept going for a tiny budget on our small areas of grassland. I would like to update to a machine that carries 1ton with hydraulic shut off. Can...
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    Limited companies I have not access to full article as too tight to subscribe. If a farming family transfers the business to a company with family members shareholders and directors how would the...
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    Fordson Major Overheating

    Evening all. A friend of mine has a 19565 diesel Major for a bit of fun. Out of the blue it got hot recently on a fairly cool day. He found that the bottom hose was stone cold but top hose hot. The Rad flushes through and he has flushed the block through from the bottom hose. Everything seems...
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    David Brown 880 selectamatic

    Another forum I look at has a guy asking about a hydraulic problem with the DB. He has apparently changed rear end filter and even over filled the oil. Symptom is hydraulic lift will not work if tractor is parked on a downhill slope. On the level or up hill it will operate. Any ideas?
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    Budget pickup £7k an under

    I know this has been done to death but son would like to change his Freelander for a pickup with a limited budget. Ideally a dual cab with canopy. Which if any are to be avoided and would an older say 10/12 year auto with 150k miles be a possibility. Thanks . ps I i were nearer I would get...
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    Freelander 2 boot catch

    Hi All Son has a Freelander 2 with a faulty boot catch. I think it is live still but not releasing. Has anyone had the misfortune of owning one of these and having this problem? Is there a way of manually opening? Thanks
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    Jcb 3cx proj 7 grey cab

    Hi all Does anyone operate one of these with a working hydraulic boom latch worked from a handbrake like lever. Any photos appreciated. For a member of another forum. Thanks.
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    Subsidy entitlements and new entrant to farming.

    Good morning Asking on behalf of a potential new entrant to farming. I do not claim anything so not familiar withe process or terminology. The FBT does not come with any entitlements. Is it worth purchasing entitlements with the thought the subsidies may end/change within the next year or two...
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    MF 220 digger slew actuator seals.

    Hi all This is from someone on another forum. Their 220 digger has worn the seals out in the Dowty actuator for the slew service. They seem to be struggling for parts. Does anyone have an idea if some for the later and/or larger models might be compatible? Thanks
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    NH td 5010

    A friend has a problem with the hand throttle jammed on the above. (nasty little tractor IMHO). Has anyone had similar? Thanks