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    Slurry bugs in slatted shed

    What's the best bugs to use to reduce crust and stirring time thank you
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    Livestock camera

    Hello what camera s are people using in there sheds for lambing /calving would need to be a sim card one many thanks
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    Ritchie spray markers

    Does any one know of a good store or website that sells these markers at a sensible price many thanks
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    Wanted Dorset mule two tooths

    Looking for 100 to 150 Dorset mules many thanks
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    Wanted in calf suckler cows

    Looking for a 10 to 15 in calve cows or heifers don't mind x breeds thank you
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    Electric central heating

    Any advice on eletric central heating we looking to put heating into the farm house I like the idea of eletric radiators but not sure what it's like any advice will be good thanks
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    Peppa pig world

    Hello the wife wants to take the kids here for a trip over the hoildays wondering if any of you got a b,& b or caravan nearby would make the trip more bearable to stay on a farm Thank you
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    Exeter shearling sale on Tuesday

    Did any one go I went thought it was a good turn out of ewes and made good money
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    Suzuki King quad clutch

    Hello got a few month old bike clutch has started to slip has any one else had this problem with them never had issues with them before
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    Salmonella vaccine for sheep

    Hello there do many of you vaccinate for salmonella and have you got on OK with it many thanks
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    Wanted trained sheep dog

    Looking for a trained sheep dog in the South West cheers
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    Flock vet med records

    What computer programs are people using for medicine records would want it linked to phone so can just picture tag and be all done would be good if could use on beef too many thanks
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    Mobile sheep handling systems

    what do you think is the best make to go for many thanks
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    Firearms renewal

    just put in for renewal all good then today had the doctors ring up and they want to go and see them and they said I got to pay for the privilege is this normal thing now or just our doctors many thanks
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    Planning permission for houses

    Does anyone know the route to go to find out if ur ground is in a development zone got a few acres in a village and which could be good for development but don't want to spend lots of money to find out thanks for ur help
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    Nissan navara rusting

    hello seen a group on facebook about rusty chaises on the Navarra sounds like they will buy them back if under 12 years old with rusty and holy chaises has any one on here been thro the process cheers
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    gout (worst pain ever)

    just had a flair up of gout well pain is the worse I ever had dr gave pills to help relive pain but recommended trying to keep under control with foods been eating cherrys which is good any one else got any tips thank you
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    mchale bailer tines

    been putting new tines on bailer today and found a few that are very brittle and snap off when I gave them a pull as any one else had issues like tis
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    rpa maps

    hello all I am ment to be doing sfp but I see on my map they have not taken out a track but I have more hacters than I have entilments so will I still need to change this or am I best phone up in the morning many thanks
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    door window wiper on nh t7

    hello could do with some help of how people have fitted window wipers on there nh t7 doors for hedge trimming cheers