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  1. Boomerang

    Argentinean corn in your corn flakes

    Why are we importing Argentinean corn to make corn flakes ,?whilst growing thousands of ha to chuck into ad plants . Madness yet again.
  2. Boomerang

    Who dreamed up Carbon offset.

    More smoke and mirrors bulls**t . Just a paper shuffling exercise to tick a box to appear green (ish). Whilst continuing to not actually do anything different .. Farmers just doing the same , utilities, big corporations throwing a bit of cash at them, then saying we are green . The world...
  3. Boomerang

    Farm track maintenance

    Usually use road plannings to keep track in good order, just fill in depressions or obvious area where a pot hole would form . Heap is dwindling, so need a resupply of plannings, or can anyone recommend anything else suitable, don't need big stuff as not filling in big holes. Gravel ?? Will...
  4. Boomerang

    Wet day brain teaser

    Find and observe the rule Apparently a test for 6 year olds . What's the formula .
  5. Boomerang

    fork lift test 5 days !

    Initially was told I'd need a 5 day course/test, now as I'm experienced (40 years of driving alsorts of equipment) It's been reduced to 2 days , more bureaucratic tick boxing bs , it seems a ticket for a larger forklift isn't acceptable for a little 3 wheel electric job. How long before some...
  6. Boomerang

    new phone recommendations

    Don't need anything fancy, Good battery life, Reasonable to good camera Dust resistant. Calls ,surfing email , and that's it . Which phone ? Regular phone with case or rugged model .
  7. Boomerang

    cover crop drill

    Looking to drill cover crop on ploughing in spring, and another in stubble in summer, is there a one fits all solution ?
  8. Boomerang

    establishing cover crops.

    Thinking about sowing some oats, and in another field phacelia, got this mad idea of rigging up a small hopper on powerharrow with some pipes to drop seeds down before packer only 3m wide shouldn't need too many outlets. Would this work ? Wouldn't be any depth control but seed should be...
  9. Boomerang

    Which 2 in 1 laptop ?

    Just for surfing, email, few spreadsheets don't need mega spec ? Any recommendations for brand and models appreciated
  10. Boomerang

    App or website for designing /drawing pre fabrication

    Need to design /draw a piece of kit for storage, simple nothing complicated, but I'm crap at drawing , any website or app that would do the job
  11. Boomerang

    Opinions on amazone catros

    Any good ? Which is best straight disc or scalloped? Easy or hard to pull? Only have 85hp 2wd, amazone says 75hp would pull 2.5m .
  12. Boomerang

    Oats followed by phacelia

    Got some spring sown oats, cover crop, for reasons best not discussed, i need to destroy oats and sow phacelia. What would best ,simplest approach to establishing phacelia be .
  13. Boomerang

    Makita impact wrench s

    Whats difference between a dtw 700z and a dtw 700 RTJ, and which detent pin or c ring ./ friction ring type
  14. Boomerang

    Sowing phacelia with amazone spreader ?

    Daft idea or possible ? Found a settings for it on my spreader app.
  15. Boomerang

    The inexorable rise in prices of EVERYTHING .

    Where will it end ?? Tears?? Where will folk get all the cash from to pay for everything.? Are we heading for inflationary pressures if not there all ready. Rise in interest rates.?
  16. Boomerang

    bps small error

    Made a small error on bps, omitted to enter land use code for wfo1, for an area of 0.0013 ha. Got a letter telling me I'd made error fill in form to correct. Was it really worth the effort ,postage time . ?????
  17. Boomerang

    Khun power harrow tines / impact wrench

    Khun bolt on tines , which impact wrench would be suitable . Wouldn't use it for much else, maybe changing flails also. Would a 1/4 inch be man enough ? which model / brand ?
  18. Boomerang

    What's this, please?

  19. Boomerang

    Whats this ???

    Any idea what this is please .??
  20. Boomerang

    Bulking up small seed quantities

    Need to sow a mix of different sized seed in a small grass seeder . But need to bulk up volume so seeder will cope .basically havnt got enough seed to fill hopper . It's WAY to expensive . Any ideas ? Not sure sand is an option.