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  1. farmerman

    JCB telehandler

    Anyone Thinking of selling there Teleporter anytime soon need a spare as back up to our main one ideally farm special 530 70 etc don’t particularly want a plant spec one upto around 05 reg in age would consider newer but as a spare don’t want to spend too much. Apprecaite fair few online from...
  2. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Just a quick update got the pto motor off and took to bits didn’t look to be an issue but have took it off anyway. Fitted it straight in to the tractor spool Block and flow return had it going this morning and worked a treat can speed is adjusting all the way up to 3000 and more if needed so...
  3. farmerman

    Vaderstad carrier and different discs

    our carrier needs a new set of discs we bought it s/h at a lower cost knowing that all the discs would have to be changed my question is what is the best discs for getting a chit and maybe for working down a bit of ground before Maize. I was thinking just the standard 450mm discs same type as...
  4. farmerman

    Horsch Sprinter ST 4

    I believe it’s sold @samsung
  5. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Could be but I wouldn’t say so the y fitting is just as wide as the pipe and it’s not restricted at all That’s why we went for that pipe the foot also has two Big airwholes were seed comes out so woudl t say it’s restricted. We cannot use a single Pipe as instead of the freeflows 32 legs or...
  6. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Yes thanks for that @alomy75 we have got the manual and that says for wheat around 2000-2500 beans around 3000 but Manual is only a guide ares is flat out all air on max and we’re only getting 2400 so something isn’t rite there the pump could maybe need reselling at only a guess. Yes ares...
  7. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    yes your correct there @alomy75 Iv checked area and had a play with everyone’s suggestions it was on 2 but moved it up too 3 to be sure. Yes checked all them @B R C lamd wheel spinning smooth and all uj joints fine and greased we have changed the drill dramatically and have different feet and...
  8. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Thanks for input @its.... only me but yes unfortunately not as straight forward as that. Yes quite annoying issue as it’s a bit sporadic and not every time but take off pipe and it’s nothing major blocking it yes took end plates off pressure washed out then blown out when dry to make sure.. was...
  9. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    It’s a roger metering unit by the way and it’s jamming from the fluted seed rolls to below
  10. farmerman

    Simba freeflow seed flow issues

    Anyone else have a problem with seed jamming out of the metering unit and not going down the pipes to the coulter air is on maximum setting so carnt see it being that. Conclusion I have come too is that there’s not enough fall on pipes from metering unit to coulters as they sit about flat across...
  11. farmerman

    Cheffins cambridge sale

    Looked a good sale for a change not your usual shite pulled off the lorry..what’s peoples opinions who actually went? Any bargains to be had? Very doubtful I would say
  12. farmerman

    Vaderstad carrier 500-650 reasonably priced

    As title says any one got one there not using or thinking of selling soon then please be in touch don’t mind if it’s an older model either many thanks
  13. farmerman

    Vaderstad carrier 650

    Any one got an early 2003 onwards carrier 650 they’re not wanting anymore not looking to spend a lot and willing to do some work to one if needed many thanks
  14. farmerman

    Simba freeflow leading tine legs

    Thanks manny Yh that’ll be ideal if you could please and yh private mail me your number if you would please
  15. farmerman

    Simba freeflow leading tine legs

    As title says anyone got any legs that are on the scrap heap or not used anymore for sale. Many thanks
  16. farmerman

    Cat/claas challengers best model made

    In people’s opinions what would you say were the main differences from the very early crawler flat track challengers then on to the claas/cat combination I understand this was built in the Ford factory would they be as strong as the originals? Then the 700 series more intrested to hear about the...
  17. farmerman

    Old cat challenger 65

    Thanks everyone apprecaite responses...yes seen firbys would prefer to try and buy private or auctions if at alll possible and not in no massive rush as of yet for one. Yes seen and was following the one at Cambridge but I think it was a lifeboat crawler so thoight it would be fairly rusty also...
  18. farmerman

    Old cat challenger 65

    As title suggest anyone no of one for sale or comeing up in auction looking for cheap older simple horse power many thanks
  19. farmerman

    Tri axle or double axle low loader

    As title suggests anyone got one they need to sell or not useing not too fussed on make aslong as it’s not a rot box and has hood tyres and brakes needs to be 19 ton Carrie but can be more. many thanks
  20. farmerman

    John Deere 170hp engine

    So spoke to operator not gospel but he’ll have a fair idea of the 3 trucks all had transmissions at set hours , one had terminal engine fault at 6.500 hours REMan by finning. The other two were fine all had turbos as precaution fan clutch, ac pump, but engines never opened up or swapped out...