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  1. Baker9

    Where did all the new Diesel cars go?

    "Just in time is always a delivery away from disaster" one of my lecturers at college 40 years ago
  2. Baker9

    what grinds your gears

    A real legend sadly gone but leaving some great music, the music of my late teens and early twenties. Meatloaf may you rest in peace
  3. Baker9

    Scanning 2021

    I had my small flock scanned today 73 Ewes mainly Lleyns 2 Empty both hoggets 16 single 45 doubles 8 triplets 2 quads :banghead: 189% All good so far but the really difficult job is keeping all of them alive until weaning.
  4. Baker9

    Bale wrap disposal.

    Aye, and in republican areas as well(y)
  5. Baker9

    Sheep worring

    Boxing day would be a good day to be ready for it.
  6. Baker9

    what grinds your gears

    And the moron who owns it
  7. Baker9

    Dealing with companies that havent moved on with the times.

    Feedback surveys, if there are more than three questions I don't do them. I had a follow up phone from one company where I couldn't be arsed doing the survey why I didn't do the feedback survey. I told the young lady on the phone that I had better things to do with my time and if they had done...
  8. Baker9

    07 Focus diesel with 120,000 miles

    I did something similar last year, an 08 Passat estate with 165k miles for £800, it needed a front caliper and a thermostat. I have put 25k on it since and got 32p a mile for most of those miles. I also did the timing belt and water pump after I bought it. The only unscheduled repairs was a...
  9. Baker9

    Gearbox oil leval New holland TL100A

    The oil is too new, don't change the oil for 10 years and the dipstick will be easy to read if it is long enough:) That is a livestock farmers solution to the problem.
  10. Baker9

    2nd hand towing vehicle. Whats still going at higher mileage?

    06 swb shogun 190k miles going very well, just watch for tin worm underneath, likes diesel a lot. It was not much money but you pays your money and take your chances with an older vehicle.
  11. Baker9

    what grinds your gears

    And the carcase hung from the nearest information gantry with the relevant information of the crime on said gantry to as the French say " pour encourage les autres".
  12. Baker9

    (Northern) Irish farm words

    Don't worry about it, we will train you in our ways and if a farmer phones and tells you he has a cow "sickacavin" this means she is calving and as he has phoned you there is a problem.
  13. Baker9

    (Northern) Irish farm words

    As in the fecking tractors calved and wer're have some handlin getting her fixed because the young boy rouled her Young boy is a male between 10 and seventy who is still slaving for his Da. Ganching or slabbering means talking rubbish, which sometimes is caused by too much alcohol, not always...
  14. Baker9

    MF 6180 rocker switch

    I have been down this road before, lift not working or being tempermental. Try to borrow a working switch from another Massey, fit it and see if it works. These rocker switches do go faulty after a time and the best solution is to replace it. The switch is common across a number of Massey...
  15. Baker9

    what grinds your gears

    The "hello mate" normally gets me peed off, and for any requests that follow the answer is always no. If the person does not have the manners to address me by my name there will be no co-operation, end off.
  16. Baker9

    Construction industry losing red diesel

    And then leave her parked on the forecourt while you did your weekly shop
  17. Baker9

    HVO fuel

    Is your supplier going to pay you more for your produce or are they expecting you to jump through more hoops just because they feel like telling you to and they can tick a few more boxes that does not cost them any money.
  18. Baker9

    what grinds your gears

    I had that one last week also
  19. Baker9

    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    Dad used to say "you can have sheep or grass but not both"
  20. Baker9

    Old farmer's saying's..... do you know any ?

    And a cheque book:)