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  1. Fergieman

    Milk Price Tracker

    2003 - 19.38ppl 2004 - 19.51ppl 2005 - 19.77ppl 2006 - 18.00ppl 2007 - 22.29ppl 2008 - 26.43ppl 2009 - 24.70ppl 2010 - 25.04ppl 2011 - 27.74ppl 2012 - 28.09ppl 2013 - 32.05ppl 2014 - 28.60ppl 2015 - 23.43ppl 2016 - 22.34ppl 2017 - 28.76ppl 2018 - 28.87ppl 2019 - 30.43ppl 2020 - 30.25ppl 2021 -...
  2. Fergieman

    All things Dairy

    Varies from 5.8 - 6.5 when we test.
  3. Fergieman

    All things Dairy

    :) Its actually tipped on a council road.
  4. Fergieman

    All things Dairy

    Yes Yorkshire.
  5. Fergieman

    All things Dairy

    Good chance with the weather to get some lime on grassland.
  6. Fergieman

    Where did all the new Diesel cars go?

    The edge going?
  7. Fergieman

    British friesian bulls Have used some from cattle genie.
  8. Fergieman

    All things Dairy

    Similar story here, we scan the cows in the yokes on the slats. Vet dropped his phone on the slats and missed the hole!
  9. Fergieman

    New Holland combine

    Go for a cx if you can. The cab is a nicer place to spend the day if nothing else.
  10. Fergieman

    antibiotic failures appeals

    Not sure on nml but some dairies are using the charm test which is more sensitive than delvo. Some punctuation would make the op easier to read! 🙄
  11. Fergieman

    Milking parlour and loose housing

    Whats the protocol for putting lime in the bedder? On top of the bale or on the bed?
  12. Fergieman

    H&L milk taxi or Urban milk shuttle?

    Not great would be my opinion. How about an atv trailer type with the Honda engine pump/mixer.
  13. Fergieman

    New legs for grain silo

    This ^^ When you see the extensions from the manufacturer they are well braced.
  14. Fergieman


    Do you have a bias for spring production?
  15. Fergieman

    What are my cows worth ?

    Try 4 fresh through the ring and decide from there. What ever you do make sure the 3/4, empty or faulted cows don't go through the breeding sale ring. Dry them off and fatten them up.
  16. Fergieman

    What are my cows worth ?

    Have a sale at Carlisle or sell them fresh at the monthly dairy day.
  17. Fergieman


    Monday 24th and no.
  18. Fergieman

    All things Dairy

    Couple heavy cows you had there! Mine would be a good 200kgs lighter! £960 average.
  19. Fergieman

    New CLAAS Combine?

    Yes, the demo we had was with a 30' convio.
  20. Fergieman

    New CLAAS Combine?

    Montana models. Standard can have the larger widths.