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    Dromone push out hitch wear plates

    Would these be made of 8mm hdpe plastic at all? I've seen mf price for them 😯 but not phoned about yet with places being shut.
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    Tuchel brush bristle replacement cost

    Was looking at second hand road brush and wondered what sort of price to factor in for worn bristles, tried inquiries earlier but waiting to hear back. Just wondering if anybody on here knows? Thanks.
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    front mount topper direction

    hi what direction should front topper rotate? towards tractor throwing stuff behind or forwards? Its a blade topper that i have and when purchased it was used front mount on demonstration and the middle gearbox was just flipped with bung and breather reversed. Its just i find it seems to eat...
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    Orbital steering unit closed or open

    This block in front of the orbital steering unit blew up on Clayson 133. Is this just old fashioned steering unit and newer units have this built in or is there more to this as I don't have load sensing line to pump. It's in parallel with other hydraulic functions through which I believe to be...
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    tyre height profiles front to back

    In need of some new boots before winter for ploughing with naud that has 14"share and board working width. New to me tractor on 600/65r38 and 480/65r28. The rears are michelins and seem to measure close to 530 actual width. Currently plough with different tractor on 420/85r34 and get along fine...
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    Case IH planetary gear bearings

    Hi was giving front axle refurb on 844xl and noticed a bit of movement in the bearings of these. Got the bearing and gears off but there's stupid clip that doesn't have any means to remove bar breaking all my small screwdrivers. I also saw some pics of replacement roller bearings on these that...
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    Ford 4600 clutch upgrade?

    Got an old ford 4600 that needs clutch done again. The gearbox has 10 splines and a 11 inch friction plate. Looking online I see there are 12" and 13" even a paddle 13" plate available along with corresponding covers. Would anybody know if these are compatible with existing flywheel or do...
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    old fordie sifra seat repair / ebay cheapy jobs

    had to drive old 4600 for a change rather than it being stuck on bruiser. Ended up a bit sore so thought I would attend to seat. What like are the ebay sprung cheap seats? Think I may have found the rubber bush to repair original seat but looks like last of old stock and bit pricey. Part...