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    Mud, mud, glorious mud..

    Has to be the farmer ultimately. The contractor is doing a job he has been asked to do by the farmer. If farmers are going to start putting the onus on contractors to clear mud or to repair damaged banks and hedges; then IMO their prices are going to have to rise steeply or they will just...
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    How would you react to this confrontation.

    Sounds like a Taiwanese lawn mower.
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    Never had it so good!

    Very much so. Back in 1947 there would have been little mechanised help bar a few TVO farm tractors, steam train snow ploughs and maybe a few rudimentary drag line excavators. In 1963 there were far more tractors, snow ploughs and a very few early JCB type machines, but still nothing like the...
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    Never had it so good!

    I remember the winter of 1963 but not 47, though my parents talked of it starting much later than 1963 which was on Boxing Day 1962. So Bankrupt, do you remember did tonight in 47 mark a nationwide start of frost and snow, or did it spread from area to area at different times?
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    Small pickup

    Admittedly safety on the older cars is poor. But nowadays larger size does not always mean safer; those tiny Smart cars with two seats are one of the safest on the road, and supposedly come off better in crashes with much larger and heavier cars. Many pick ups have just got totally silly in...
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    Farmyard Security

    Can these Zedlocks be in any way keyed alike so that one key fits all?
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    Small pickup

    Rather like the old Defenders then?
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    Wartime farm

    I do like Victorian farm as a series, albeit a bit twee at times. What annoys the hell out me though is why Ruth Goodman has to collapse in that silly hysterical laughter so often in every programme when nothing remotely amusing has happened? Apart from this I enjoy watching it. Just need to...
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    Jeremy Clarksons new TV show

    Not only in England, we too get far too many of the posers and hatchet faced young women poncing about in their private plated Chelsea tractors. Most of them just trying to out do their neighbours and have a bigger vehicle than other ‘friends’ from the seething snake pits that constitute such...
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    Countryfile tonight

    I can’t bring myself to heap abuse on Attenborough, he is basically a decent bloke who has been with us for longer than I care to remember; I don’t dislike him and did respect him. But as has been said he is the arch hypocrite as regards climate change and killing the planet da di da di...
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    Blame game

    That’s pretty much what my Dad always said, through he was a slow driver and overly cautious at all times. But unpalatable though it may be to many people, our fathers were 100% right on this one.
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    Inside the factory JCB

    Good programme spoilt by annoyingly loud and ‘in yer face’ presenters. Rather like having Jamie Oliver and his repulsively ‘mockney’ accent spitting all over a sumptuous repast that had taken a true culinary genius several days to assemble and prepare. Paint shop looked positively pre...
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    MF 65 Reg No RCA

    That’s a Denbighshire registration plate, the chances are it would have been supplied when new by North Wales Engineers of St.Asaph who were the main Massey/Ferguson agents in the post war era up until the 1970s. Although most new models from that depot might have had the ‘DM’ Flintshire plate...
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    Reliable and 'cheap' telehandlers?

    Condition is more important than age IMO. No doubt the older JCBs are pretty bombproof, one of the best for reliability was the 525-58, 527-67 models from the mid nineties but finding a tidy one now is very difficult. As others have said models like the 530-70 and the lightweight 526 are also...
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    Glyphosate heading to £150 in the Spring

    Exactly! Why bother trying to farm with ever rising costs!?
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    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    Someone I know had a livery yard and a new horse was attacking anyone who dared to enter his paddock. The horse owner was told about this and responded by saying, ‘well, you see, it’s his territory, and in his mind you have no right to be there’. The remedy was quick and efficient; the next...
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    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    Maybe society would be a damn sight safer and better place if teachers were allowed to give a damn good kicking to some of the most disruptive, unruly and arrogant little darlings in their classrooms! Debate, while I go and get my coat........
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    Teacher sacked for kicking a horse

    I don’t really agree with you on this Admittedly I am now going to cite an extreme example, but, what if a teacher spent their ‘out of work activity’ viewing pornography involving under age children?? Is that okay then because they are not in work? Surely these cases depend largely on the...
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    JCB xmas Bonus

    Christ above!! There’s me thinking it related to owners! Had it earmarked for a lovely new seat for the loadall as the wife’s Christmas present. This has totally blown out of the water my Christmas budget now! Note to moderators: can you please be a lot clearer and less duplicitous with your...
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Absolute and utter shockers the lot of ‘em!