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    White clover in round bales

    Pardon my ignorance - or inexperience. I've a field of last years seeds, stood up for 2nd cut. And what I've grown is a dense mat of 12" deep white clover. There's clearly some grass within it, but 90% by volume will be clover at the mo. Will the clover 'go over' or lessen in value if I wait...
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    Need contractor help near Daisymount/Ottery St Mary Devon.

    Needing someone to maybe receive a lorry load of boulders (maybe 20 tonnes), then reload/dump trailer them into a landscape type job in Daisymount. PM me if you've an idea..
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    Casualty cow, westcountry.

    Autumn tidy up coming. I've an old girl gone in the hip who I don't want to move. She's reared a blinder of a calf, and is well fleshed as well. I'm sure some foxhounds would be grateful on the right week, but wonder if there's still anyone doing on farm casualties? Is that still a thing?
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    Low level lead poisoning?

    I graze a few fields which were used for clay pigeon shooting in decades past. A quick bit of fag packet maths suggests maybe 2-3 tonnes of lead must've been sprinkled over them. Occasionally, we have a very poor lot of lambs -if summer grazed- or high losses with ewe hoggs overwintered. This...
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    What are the NFU advertising?

    I'm puzzled. What are the NFU trying to achieve with full page advert in FW, glorifying their illustrious leader ? (and it looks like little more than an ego massage for said leader, which is hardly a good use of my subs)
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    winter oats for whole crop question

    needing summat to bulk up a crop from some ground going back into grass....will winter oats head up OK going in now? (for some reason, apparently spring varieties are in short supply!)
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    Inverness tup sale 1953 question

    Looking through some old stuff, a shipwrecked offspring- both girls are sent home for the duration- turned out a catalogue from said tup sale. And the boy and I were delighted to find my Dads handwritten comments beside cheviots entries! (won't repeat some of em) A question arises though...
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    Chris Clark

    Anyone else seen this twerp talk?
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    Monbiot's TV show.....Apocalypse Cow: How Meat Killed the Planet

    channel 4 next weds. I wish it was just a bad dream.
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    Yet more BBC bias

    My missus tells me she just heard a guest on t'radio 2 show assure listeners it was better to eat turkey at Chrimbo than beef or lamb...because of the carbon footprint. (I've nought against turkey farmers, but this is so obviously bollix) Then right now came a half ersed apology due to a large...
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    Warts an' all....

    I was under the impression that it was taboo to present an animal at a show with warts.... but looking at the front cover of the FW, seems you can get pretty coloured rosettes on warty beasts. (never worry about them m'self, just going on what I recall about showing)
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    Are we about to lose Gove?

    If Gove loses to Boris, won't he be chucked out toot sweet? If he wins - heaven help everyone else- but we're rid of him. If he loses to a former remainer, he'll hardly be flavour of the month... cross your fingers! (perhaps there is something useful to come out of it all)
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    Buying a tenancy

    Am i reading it right in the FW?..... for £1.25 million, fella will sell you his company, which has a secure AHA tenancy on 500+ acre farm in Lincs. The farm is now owned by a charitable trust the fella has set up, and has current rent of £45k A curious situation.
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    Realistic safety advice?

    Where does it end, when we're being advised -from within our own industry- to 'never enter an enclosure with a loose bull or when an unrestrained cow is with a calf'? It's unrealistic, and leads to what we do every day becoming officially 'ill advised' (read 'negligent') I was reading this as...
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    CS higher level bollix

    We've been asked for our 'wildfire management plan' (sounds like another stalling tactic to save them sending us money promised months ago...) Anyone familiar with such a thing? Template?
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    Gove congratulates Packham?

    Is it true that Michael Gove has retweeted Chris Packhams twaddle about his gong being 'a silent thanks' from a 'terrified fox or trapped badger', Gove adding his congratulations on a 'well deserved recognition'? (letter in FW) I don't do the twatter thing, and would be grateful if someone...