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  1. Jim G

    Ford Ranger - Oil dilution

    Hi all, I was just after a few opinions regarding a problem I've got with my Ford Ranger. I feel like the dealer and Ford are taking the mick, but I aren't getting anywhere. It came up with a "Powertrain malfunction / reduced power" message in July, so took it to the dealer who said it needed...
  2. Jim G

    Neuson 501s / Yanmar 3TNV88 not charging

    Morning all, I've got another problem I could do with a bit of help with. I've got a Neuson 501 skidsteer which is not charging. It has had a new alternator and battery, but it still failed to start the other day. I'm going to double check the ground etc today. I checked the resistance of the...
  3. Jim G

    Case 4230 - slow starter

    Evening all, I'm after a bit of assistance if possible. I've got a Case 4230 that's slow to start. We've put a new battery and heater plug on, but it's still sluggish turning over. In cold weather, it doesn't get going at all. I'm looking at getting a starter, but I'm unsure whether to get a...
  4. Jim G

    5150 Maxxum - Prop shaft UJ flanges

    Hi all, Does anybody know where there are any Case 5150's for breaking? We've had the prop come off at the uj on the front axle and wreck the 2 flanges. We've spoken to a couple of dealers, and they both say that the uj part is obsolete. Any ideas? I've attached a picture to show what I'm...
  5. Jim G

    Case 5150 won't start

    Hi all, I'm after a bit of assistance if anyone can help. I've got a Case 5150 that won't start. The dash lights up like normal when the key is turned to the running position, and they go off when turned to the start position like it should, but isn't starting the tractor. I've shorted the...
  6. Jim G

    Case 5150 service manual

    Hi all, I could do with a bit of assistance. I've got a few electrical problems on a 5150 and could do with the wiring diagrams. Does anyone know where I can get a service manual for it? I've been browsing the internet but aren't having any luck. Any help much appreciated.
  7. Jim G

    Wrong hydraulic oil...

    Afternoon, I've just replaced a hydraulic pipe on our digger and topped it up with iso vg68, which is one of the options in the manual and was on the shelf in the shed. However, I've now been told it was on iso vg46. Should I be concerned about mixing these? I've put about 3 litres into a 90...
  8. Jim G

    Farm assurance... Certification bodies

    Hi everyone, Has anybody got any good / bad experiences with any of the farm assurance certification bodies? I'm looking into getting farm assured so we can sell straight to slaughter, but not sure which company to use. They are all about £150 give or take £10. Any replies much appreciated. Jim G