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  1. Longneck

    Shed builders..... Who to use (trust)?

    I've got a shed to put up, had various quotes from compaies and have had a broad range of prices. Some companies i've never heard of, some that i have, some that i have learnt are having financial difficulties (which i totaly understand in current climate). Question is, who is "safe" to use...
  2. Longneck

    Discovery TD5

    Due to the pykies helping them self to my last one I am in need of a replacement. Preferably manual, not too fussed about mileage but hopefully not something rotten. Budget £2-3k East Midlands area ideally.
  3. Longneck

    Fuel Bowser pump air locking..

    I have got a 1000lt bunded fuel bowser with a 12v pump and auto shut off nozzel, probably just like lots of other people, I bought it 2 years ago to try and be a bit safer moving fuel about. This one however, every time you run it empty it gets on air lock and you have to take the trigger off...
  4. Longneck

    Blue Multigrade Hydraulic Oil

    I’ve got a 205l barrel that we got but it’s the wrong spec so we won’t use it. We have used about 25lts out of it but it’s just getting in the way so I want it gone. Make me an offer!
  5. Longneck

    Tundra “feed” beans

    I’ve got two tonnes of cleaned tundra beans in half tonne bags available. Can load onto pallets for collection if needed. NN9, postcode
  6. Longneck

    Kuhn Spreader settings for Origin 26n 37s?

    As above, nothing in the Kuhn spread set app for Origin ferts. Machine is a MDS 1142 with M5 discs. TIA
  7. Longneck

    KV TS Evo drill Isobus Ops Manual

    Hi Just got a KV Evo drill on isobus to go on a Fendt 724 but it came without a manual and although i have managed to downdload the drill book from KV it doesnt give any instruction for the screen. Have asked local dealer but no joy so anyone on here able to help please?
  8. Longneck

    Sprung drawbar on grain trailer?

    I’m just looking at buying a fairly low spec grain trailer to use as a reserve grain trailer and also for a bit of muck cart occasionally in the winter. Probably about 12-14t with floatations and hydraulic back door but is there much benefit in having a sprung drawbar these days? I know they...
  9. Longneck

    Vaderstad drill parts

    Having a clear out of workshop. Got these various bits. Make me an offer if any use.
  10. Longneck

    Metcalfe Horsch drill points

    Having a clear out of workshop and found these. Make me an offer if any good.
  11. Longneck

    Simba cultipress parts

    Having a clear out of the workshop. Make me an offer if any use.
  12. Longneck

    KV triple k springtine drill?

    I’ve got a really nice KV spring tine, I think it’s a TLD or something with levelling paddles, 5 rows of triple k tines, following harrows and a removable crumble roller on the back. I’ve been using it to incorporate seed that we’ve spread on with the fert spreader with some fairly good results...
  13. Longneck

    Weighing system on a grain trailer?

    Anybody got one? Seems like they have been around on trucks for plenty of years now, must be a way of fitting something to grain trailers for sensible money?
  14. Longneck

    CB Radio in a Fendt?

    Hi We are just fitting CBs into all of our machines and all the other kit has been straight forward (most have had CBs in from their previous homes) but we have got to the Fendt 724 and rather than just go in and butcher something in thats wrong i thought id ask how anyone else has done it...
  15. Longneck

    Ear defenders

    I managed to break my old trusty ear defenders the other day and as I get older I find these to be an essential item when in the workshop. Just wondering what other people are using, I like the traditional over your head type of ear muffs but they can be a bit of a pain when grinding rusty old...
  16. Longneck

    JCB loadall headlight mod

    So I’ve just got a new grain bucket for my 541-70, it’s a 3m3 xform bucket and it’s great BUT it’s a lot taller than the previous bucket and as a result it totally obscures the headlights and indicators which is not great when going off to load lorries early morning/late evening in the dark...
  17. Longneck

    Accord/kvernaland Tine seeder operators manual

    I’ve got an old tine seeder drill coming but it doesn’t have an ops book and I’ve never used the old accord seeder unit. Would anyone have any info or a book they could send. I’ve tried searching on google but couldn’t find anything.
  18. Longneck

    Project IH 1255XL

    After our last one of these left the farm in 1993 I have managed to find another. This one is a year younger that our old one. It’s a bit scruffy but it’s had one owner from new and only recently been retired from work. Got it home a couple of months ago and not done much to it yet apart...
  19. Longneck

    Enduramax tank repair?

    Stupidly, I tried to pick up my 10000lt horizontal tank today forgetting it had got about 3500lts of liquid fert in and it pulled the d shackle straight through one of the lifting lugs on the top. No what, how do I repair it so I can lift it? I tried to put some fibre glass repair on it (badly)...
  20. Longneck

    710/70 r42 Which tyres...??

    Need a new set of tyres on a Magnum 310 like the sound of the BKT VF trye which are a lot less than Axiobibs but what else should i look at? tractor mainly used on a Joker and Sprinter drill.