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    Rolling on tracks

    Latest in farming technology here.
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    Best time of year to mow Stewardship areas

    I leave as much as possible, often until end of Feb. Its always tempting to flail it off to tidy things up, but I've found the barn owls love the longer/un-cut areas, so leave it for them.
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    Carbon footprint /offset

    How do you know you are increasing topsoil by 1mm per year?
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    Carbon footprint /offset

    Over seeding is likely to have little effect long term. If you are spraying off before hand there's going to be a short term dip as the original grass decays.
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    Carbon footprint /offset

    Planting trees here. Native species for coppicing use on farm into margins, or fruit and nut trees into old orchards. The above isn't funded by any grant or scheme, I aim to plant 100-200 trees each winter. Interestingly most farm tenancy agreements in pre-industrial times mandated that...
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    R4 Costing The Earth - My Toxic Cocktail

    Radio 4 Earlier today - Pesticides being one the chemical sources discussed. Worth a listen.
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    Landrover chassis

    It's worth replacing the body mounts with yrm galv ones.
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    Landrover chassis

    My land rover has a marsland chassis. If I were to do it to another land rover, I would have it galv and painted.,
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    International Harvester serial number and engine numbers

    On ours there is a number stamped under the spark plug hole for cylinder no. 1.
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    Farm Security - Gate Locks ?

    We had a break in last night, thankfully only loosing some easily replaced tools, chainsaws etc. Our gates were locked with large security chain and padlock, which was easily cut with large bolt cutters. I'm acutely aware 'they' will be back, and whilst I doubt I'll be able to prevent another...
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Dusty dry out on the D2! Covered nearly 25 acres 😎
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    On Farm milling

    Would you be willing to share (perhaps by private message) details of the equipment that you use to process your products? I've been researching possible options, but have yet to settle on a solution. How much do you mill?
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    On Farm milling

    Worcestershire. Predominantly direct marketing. I am considering a service for others who'd wish to market their own product also, although I'd probably rather handle a small amount of my own material to sell on a a decent margin rather than process 100x more material for considerably lower...
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    On Farm milling

    Curious to hear of anyone doing small scale milling on farm of wheat/barley/spelt. Currently looking at the investment required. We'd only be looking to sell to local businesses and consumers for home baking etc.
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    Sheep recording software

    In my view it's easy. If you aren't comfortable with Excel, then perhaps an off the shelf package would suit you better.
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    Sheep recording software

    I built my own farm record keeping 'app' using google forms. Free, and and mobile/desktop friendly.
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    Do we get more windy weather nowadays or is it my imagination?

    My experience as a windsurfer is we don't get enough good quality wind days!!
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    Classics Earning their keep.

    Great to get the old D2 out on the rolls
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    Insects taking over the world?!

    Cl Clive, can you link details on EM fields / plants? I'm sceptical, but always interested in research in these areas.
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    Magneto Refurbishment

    I am looking for someone to refurbish a two magnetos, one for an a Case DC 4 the other for an IH Super BM. Can anyone recommend anyone to do it?