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    New Water main across and drainage ditch

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of having a new water supply put in from the mains which enter your field or property across a drainage ditch? Our mains pipe is parallel to the road, in the grass verge which is parallel to our drainage ditch which we'll need to cross. We could cross...
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    Retrospective stewardship grants?

    Does anyone have any experience of needing to implement a project before a stewardship grant application window opens but applying and getting the grant money through after the jobs complete during the next round?
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    Does putting up "wanting to buy land" ads ever work?

    As per the title really. Does anyone know of an instance when land has been sold in response to someone posting an enquiry as to whether anyone has any they want to sell?
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    Shropshire land

    Can anyone offer some places to keep checking in on for smaller fields for sale (6-9 acres)? Already check onthemarket, ukfarmsandland, roger parry, barbers, newsnow. Seems like a lot of land is going to auction just now, is this always the case?
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    Has anyone ever heard of an agreement like this for small acreage in the UK?

    Have you ever heard of this happening in the UK? The vendor trades off a quick sale with waiting for the tenant to save a deposit (3-5 years) but enjoying extra money through a proportion or some or all of the rent on top of the sale price. We'd happily give them the lot! We're not frightened of...
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    Can we pay you £3750 per year?......

    ....for 4 acres, 55-60m2 of covered space (for a packing area / walk in chiller / secure tool storage), metered electricity and water on top. For a veg box scheme, wholesale of surplus to restaurants (where they're in full swing again) and some soft fruit in year 2 onwards. Need a 6 year...
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    Host farm help

    Hi all, We've been looking for a host farm to rent us 4 acres to set-up a market garden and short of knocking on farm doors we've tried all we can think of? We're not wedded to any particular part of the uk and have tried contacting: Dozens of Dairy farms & Livestock farms Farm shops with land...