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    Krm fert spreader setting

    Does anyone have a setting for the stuff in the picture ? Can't find it on the app ! Don't really want to have to do a calibration if I don't have to !
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    Which tool for min till

    One of these any good ?
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    New phone and broadband providers

    Any recommendations for a phone and broadband provider, currently with by but there customer service is none existent, and when you do get thru to some one they can't help and they transfer you to someone else and it go's on, and they are expensive !
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    Fastrac 4220 lift arms slow

    There like that for heath and safety apparently, ours won't go down quick unless something is on them
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    Remember this next time the Scouts want a field for camping

    My son has adhd, and while certain foodstuffs make his concentration issues worse the condition itself has nothing to do with what they eat or his mother ate, I fully support the view that processed foodstuffs can lead to heath and behaviour problems in young people but certainly in my son's...
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    Remember this next time the Scouts want a field for camping

    ADHD has sweet f.a to do with what you feed them !
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    Hopes & Dreams for 2022?

    I would like to be 3 stone lighter again, be a lot happier in life generally and get my extended family/business issues sorted out, but can't see that happening until one of the more elderly partners passes on ! Anyhow that's enough doom and gloom from me ! All the best for 2022 to all on TFF !
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    Can farmers relax or is it just me?

    Never been able to "switch off" my mind goes at 100mph all the time, always worried about something, also the fact I don't get much more than 4 hrs sleep a night makes it worse as I'm tired and struggle to concentrate on things ! Been like this all my life tho !
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    Battery size/number for new holland

    Need a new battery for a NH t7 230, what is the number/size for it to save me taking it out as the tractor is on use and having to boost it in the mornings TIA
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    Storm Arwen

    We're all rigged up with Genny's for the houses, we have them already as quite used to power cuts, we'll have a big claim into them for fuel for them tho, hopefully they will be in the area tomorrow as they have been nearby in the last couple of days
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    Storm Arwen

    Electric still off here, apparently it won't be fixed until Wednesday at the earliest so said the engineer that was here assessing the lines today, going to have to reroute the original line slightly as can't put new poles in safely where they were originally !
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    Storm Arwen

    No completely true, the world is full of highly intelligent idiots !
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    Storm Arwen

    He's a doctor ! But completely lacking in any common sense ! Very well paid by the NHS tho !
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    Storm Arwen

    I've heard today that they have finished shooting there now for the season due to safety reasons for anyone beating
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    Storm Arwen

    Still no power here, I was speaking to some electric repair men who have travelled up from Essex to help out yesterday, they said if this had been in the south of England it would have been all over the national news, never seen anything like it ! In places they are working on cables that have...
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    Get on eBay and buy a husky 372xp, proper saw ! None of that autotune stuff on it !
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    Storm Arwen

    Found out this morning that a second home owner in the village can't get back to where his main home is because his electric car battery is flat, which is stuck in his garage because his electric garage door can't be opened manually and he also has no water because his hi tech water filtration...
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    Storm Arwen

    No power here for the 2nd night, not expecting it to be on for a couple.of days more, lots of wires and poles down, funnily enough the tree that has come down and taken the village supply out was one we applied for a felling license for but was denied then it has a TPO put on it !
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    Are those woolen smocks that good,?
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    Are those woolen smocks that good,?

    They seem to be the choice of the "lifestyle" shepherds nowadays along with two tone shorts,sock savers over their boots and kiwi style work shirts all the while posting to social media !