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  1. J

    When to you remove the Tups from the flock?

    That time of year again, the boys won’t be happy! When does everyone else remove from the flock [emoji231]
  2. J

    Mule Easycare Cross

    Anyone every cross an Easycare ram with mule ewes? If yes, what is your experience with how the lambs turned out? Thanks
  3. J

    Solar Water Pumps for Wells

    Has anyone ever used these or have any advice? Thanks folks
  4. J

    Ewe with mastitis on one side

    I have a mule ewe with loads of milk on one side, lumpy on the other. She hasn’t responded to Tylan after 10 days. Any hope of her rearing twins?
  5. J

    Ewe Prolapsing

    Hi folks, have a ewe who was pushing out last night and then it went back in for 24 hours, it’s back out again tonight. Should I be worried or any advice?
  6. J

    Ewe Lambs Low on Milk

    Started lambing the ewe lambs, they are good mothers however low on milk. Any tips for getting them going?
  7. J

    Skinny ewe

    Have a ewe that is due to lamb this year scanned barren. Has been in terrible condition all year and got meal all winter and was housed for part of the winter with other ewes who were lacking thrive. Any ideas to get her going again? Has plenty of energy but is in really poor condition and...
  8. J

    Ewe panting heavily

    Have a mule ewe panting hard and a bit of a snotty nose. Weather a bit warmer this evening, also getting some meal - 300g. Stomach slightly bloated. I gave her some baking soda which calmed her down a good bit, any idea what causes this?
  9. J

    Wrapped bales in fields - Keeping Sheep Away

    I used to leave the wrapped bales out in the fields loose for the winter, no issues with the sheep. However this year they have started ripping the plastic. Any ideas to keep them away apart from putting up a fence?
  10. J

    Weaning half the lambs

    What is people’s approach to weaning? Thinking of weaning half the lambs (larger ones) and leaving the smaller ones with the ewes for another few weeks until bigger. Any issues with this, what are people’s approach?
  11. J


    Thinking of vaccinating as have to run ewes/lambs every 3 weeks through the bath and stand. Very labor intensive, anyone use it and how do you find it?
  12. J

    Ram suggestions - Lleyn?

    Looking for some suggestions for new ram this year. They lamb outside and looking for easy lambing. Will be crossed with Easycare and Mules mainly. Thinking of a Lleyn, any suggestions?
  13. J

    Best spray for Thistles and Nettles in Plaintain grass mix

    Any recommendations on sprays for a Plantain based grass mix. Will be spot spraying. Also some brambles and rushes around headlands which need addressing. Thanks folks
  14. J

    Lambs With swollen knees

    Have noticed the last few days some of the lambs are walking with swollen knees (one knee) They were all lambed outside and were dipped with iodine. Got rings about 10 days ago, no sign of infection on the lambs so don’t think it’s joint ill Any suggestions what may be up?
  15. J

    Sheep Winter Fodder - Hay, Halage or Silage

    What is the feed of choice for sheep. Chopped or not chopped?
  16. J

    Stomach Tubing a Lamb

    After how long is this unacceptable. And change to bottle? Vvv.
  17. J

    How many days after ewe losing a lamb can it be fostered?

    How long typically after a ewe has lost its lamb can it be fostered? Have never gone more than a day myself but interested in hearing stories using adoption crates etc.
  18. J

    Ewe down 5 days after lambing

    I have a ewe down the past 24 hours. Brought to the vet who gave antibiotic, glycerine, calcium and magnesium. Big fit healthy single lamb and she has plenty of milk. She’s stable, eating (mad for nuts) and drinking but no strength in legs. Any advice to get her going?
  19. J

    Ewes dirty/scour after lambing

    Hi all, I’ve noticed the ewes are getting dirty since lambing (started the past week) They were dosed last March. Thinking it might be fresh grass that they’ve moved on, were on haylage and nuts. Any other thoughts? Thanks folks
  20. J

    Ewe with big udder

    Any suggestions as to what might be wrong with this ewe, due to lamb in the next week or 2