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    New Bungalow

    Do you know the model of buffer tank that was fitted to the heat pump? Just been offered a Nibe 12kW pump myself with the tank built in but I’m looking for a set up similar to your own.
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    Plug and socket

    Looking for a four pin plug and socket. It’s for the connection to a digger windscreen wiper. The existing plug got smashed and I’m finding it hard to find a plug with a socket that is suitable for mounting to a plate on RS components. Any suggestions!
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    Custom Cutting Down Under

    Did a season with Demaray harvesting around 10 years ago. Well worth it and you definalty see a lot of different farming practices. Literally from from the desert in Arizona right on the Mexian border right up to the Canadian border in North Dakota. All Mexian labour in AZ to family farms in...
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    Project Zetros

    Something like this perhaps at the front?
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    National grid alert

    I can imagine that the summer outage season for large generators was highly disrupted which won’t help matters either.
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    PTO Generator

    Looking for a 15 - 30kVA PTO generator Single phase preferably but will consider three phase. Let me know what you have Thanks
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    Massey 4260

    Make sure you check the condition of the roof. Other than that they're a good simple tractor. Similar to a 399 with a nicer cab.
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    Project JD 7810 begins!

    Nice to see people spending some time on an old reliable work horse here's my effort..not sure if it would have the cult following of the two examples above!