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    Lorry driver shortage

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    Old style Baler twine

    I admit, that I used to start the major in exactly the same way, necessity and all that. Get one piston past compression and it would fire and run on the second. Doesn't seem like it but it's over 30 yrs since I drove one.
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    Old agricultural merchants

    I did a great many hours on a 56 Major, no live hydraulics, pto and I guess it didn't have the comfort seat. Hinged pan seat with a large chunk of rubber it rested on. With a thick hessian sack on the seat, I didn't think it was bad. Possibly better than the new comfort seat, whatever that was...
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    Old agricultural merchants

    Hired Sacks advert Oct 1962
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    Old agricultural merchants

    Austin cattle wagon advert Feb 1959
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    Old agricultural merchants

    Burgess advert from February 1959 and Fordson Major advert
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    Dowdeswell dp8a not turning over

    When our old dp8 suddenly failed to turn over, it was just one of the small springs in the valve block broken. New spring and it was fine again, inexpensive simple repair.
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    Ploughing tips and help.

    Probably ploughing to deep, you will rarely be able to plough grassland and turn the furrow properly as deep as you can in arable land. Try ploughing more shallow and only set the skims as deep as needed to just take off the top cleanly.
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    Lister elevators

    Yes, we often towed the elevator behind the dray in my photo to various places where we had made hay for other people and they wanted the bales put in the barn for them. One place I remember was an upper floor where the roof truss beams went across the floor at waist height with no gaps to walk...
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    Lister elevators

    This late 1950s one is still in use, did a great deal of work in the 60s/70s , sugar beet , hay and straw bales, sacks of grain etc. Only used to top up bays of hay and straw now. Still with the original Villiers engine. Not sure what tractor is on the front of dray, but the dray and barn no...
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    Feguson TE20 - TVO - not starting

    Are you sure that no 1 piston is on the firing stroke, its possible for all to appear correct, no 1 piston at tdc , rotor arm apparently in correct position , but it may be on exhaust stroke and no 4 piston is on firing stroke. On most engines quickest way to check is to remove rocker cover to...
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    Ploughing championships 1954

    A quick search on Google shows Hugh Barr was awarded an MBE in 2015
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    Ploughing championships 1954

    Amazing antics hopping on and off tractors.
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    New Holland Ts110 dash lights

    I would be concerned that if a blocked filter light was on, that there may be a problem that may not be solved by just replacing the filter, debris caused by brake disc lining failure for example. Light had been on for some time apparently.
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    New Holland Ts110 dash lights

    Would seem very coincidental if it was driving ok until one of the filters was changed, if I am understanding correctly from a previous thread by the op on this problem. From what I can understand he changed steering filter and from then there was no drive.
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    New Holland Ts110 dash lights

    Green = parking lights, next one parking brake. or low fluid level. next steering and charge pump filters, if 16 by 16 gbox steady light means steering intake filter blocked or partially blocked flashing + alarm =charge pump intake and pressure filters blocked. Last light = steering pump /...
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    The house martins left and never said goodbye

    Don't see many here , but these came and stayed for a couple of days back in 2012, before moving on. Never seen before or since.
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    New Holland TS110 SLE

    Is this the 16 speed electro shift tractor, if so I believe there is one one pump and closed centre hydraulics. if its the same as a 115 electroshift there are 3 filters. Which one did you change.?
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    MF20 Baler

    You dont say what you are baling, but wedges should only be installed when baling straw, not hay and only one pair at at a time to get the desired weight /density in conjunction with the density screws at the rear of the chamber. If you do install wedges for straw make sure they face thin edge...
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    Tractors and air con,

    My air-conditioned cab in the early 70s,couldn't wait to take the canvas cover off if there were likely to be a few nice days. Only tractor on the place with a cab of sorts at the time. Hay making was a great job on an open tractor! This 5000 was traded in 75 for a new one with the Ford safety...