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    RIP Jethro

    We have lost a true Westcountry hero!! First comedian that i took notice of! I see the news is covering his passing. I expect the had difficulty in finding some clean material. RIP Jethro "Train dont stop Cambourne Wednesdays" What a your favourite Jethro jokes!!
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    What is the typical size in kw per ha for a solar Park? Also annual production per ha? Just a having a conversation regarding output verses AD for output! Thanks
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    Bt overhead Cable

    What is height a BT should be cable be across a field, I knocked one down with the our digger earlier in the year. Openreach have now sent the bill which I had been expecting, but had forgotten about, I was 9 months ago! :cry: It was too low anyway, however you can knock most things down with a...
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    We have a job where by I need to cover a roof whilst reslated it. The intention was to tent over the whole roof, now have been told that's not quite so easy. Looking for a heavy tarpaulin type material, any recommendations of what to buy and where from. The usual then grade stuff can be found...
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    Ford Ranger

    I'm looking for a rear differential for my 2009 ford ranger, any info on where to locate one id be much appreciated. I have been randomly looking for months, finding it difficult to get the exact one. Thanks
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    Reinstalling cubicles

    I'm reinstalling second hand cubicles and we are short of posts. There iae type brand which bolt to rail. The rail is usually supported with post every 10ft can we go every 15ft and use the shed stansions. Cubicles are for bulling heifers. Just wanted 100 other opinions thanks.
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    metal paints

    I know no i'm being stupid to be considering something other than galvanise!! For those in the know what is the best type of paint for RSJ metal work? Why couldn't a polyurethane type paint be used for metal work? Would it actually bond to it even if it was primed. It works well on rough...
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    Listed building

    We have a grade 2 listed farmhouse which the cornish rag slate needs rehanging. Was wondering what experience what people have had when reroofing a listed building. There is is no felt and the roof dips in places, the dips are not original. The old A frames have have become weak a sagged and...
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    6 month shorthold tenancy.

    I need to set up a new agreement, where is the best source for a Free Pdf version one of these. Thanks
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    Farmers weekly, farms to let.

    Who can tell me the agent or post a link to the farms to let at Tapley park near Bideford, Devon. I glanced through it the other day but cant remember the agent. (I don't Buy it though) Tia
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    post tb test movements

    How many days can you move animals after test. we were under restriction but have had 2 clear test, how many days after testing do we have to move animals off the holding?
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    silage pit expansion joint sealer

    We have laid a silage pit and every 6m cut 25mm wide x 30mm deep expansion joints what type of sealer would you use?? i would would have thought of tar based bitumen type sealer, also mastic type sealer but this is quite pricey. thanks
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    Robotic lawn mower

    Who has one ? As per usual is May and I have cut the lawn yet. How good are these little machine. What should I be looking at for an average sized garden?
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    200l drum pump

    We buy iodine in 200l barrels and mix up in an ibc. I'm looking for an electric pump which will pump out of the barrel to transfer into ibc. Any ideas?
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    limited use vehicle

    I would like to change a pickup to limited use. one form is the v112 which is the other? how do people go about doing it- send to dvla or go to post office? send current photos with valid mot?? thanks
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    ford ranger roof bars

    I have a Ford ranger 09 plate can anyone point me in the right direction to the roof bars that will fit. Desperate to get the kayak out to the beach without taking the 14ft ifor. Tia
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    Herdperson/ Herdmanager

    A fantastic opportunity has arisen to carry out the day-day duties on a progressive 500 cow split Spring/Autumn block calving herd of mainly Friesian x Jersey cows near Launceston Cornwall. We require a very enthusiastic and versatile herdsperson / herdmanager to carry out day-day tasks such as...
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    Gleneden Plant ltd

    Great Barford Bedfordshire Has anyone dealt with this company? Good Company to deal with? Potential digger purchase, just wanted to check them out before doing any veiwings/Purchases? thanks
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    How long is a piece of string - interest rates

    Regarding brexit and the likelihood of increased inflation. The reasoning with higher inflation, interest rate will rise to help control it. But but how far can rates rise before having a negative effect on the economy - due to high debt in all parts of the economy. I'm looking at "New money"...
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    One for the JD enthusiasts on here

    ttps:// Mate was ploughing couple weeks ago in Suffolk