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    Solar dose it stack up

    Batteries are the most expensive and shortest lived part of a system. Unusual to have batteries in a grid tie system. Better use of the excess solar is a daily chore that can be stored, like heating water, pumping water etc. And/or, point the panels East and West to better match the use and...
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    Breather pipe oil leak more than normal (alot)

    The oil separator won't stop the blowby gasses, but it might stop the oil leakage. Don't know what to make of leaking so much oil at startup and then decreasing when it's warm. I'd want to do a compression test, and pop test the injectors, then look at timing, and if that doesn't show a...
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    Breather pipe oil leak more than normal (alot)

    Did you remove and examine the filter at the top of the blowby tube? what did you find?
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    Battling the reeds with goats and ancient land drains. Any interest, experience or advice?

    Goats are picky eaters, they can select the better feed parts out of plants that cattle cannot. Goats are can control thistles, broadleaf weeds, brush. They love multiflora rose. They do not like mature stemmy grass, unless it's to eat the seeds off. I doubt the basic premise that goats will...
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    If McDonalds ever went 100% Plant based what would the impact on the beef trade be ??

    No, here natural flavor will mean a synthetic flavoring, but derived from natural base stock. So flavorings derived from petroleum would not be natural flavor.
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    If McDonalds ever went 100% Plant based what would the impact on the beef trade be ??

    The other elephant in the room is the synthetic fermentation/bacterial slime/biological synthesis that goes into making plant products resemble animal products. We know what can go wrong with animal products, e coli, salmonella etc. and what can go wrong with dairy products, all the...
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    Pressure washer extension

    Don't take my word for it, look up the pressure drop charts. The pressure drop required to flow a certain volume of water through a certain length and size of pipe does not vary with the pressure of the water, as far as I know. If you're buying a new length of hydraulic hose for this purpose...
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    Insuring buildings clad with Kingspan.

    Have a 24 story farm shop, do you? I can see why they'd be reluctant to insure. :ROFLMAO:
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    allis chalmer b

    The B only weighs a ton, it's not going to have better traction without more weight than that. Rubber tires were new and expensive then, steel wheels were still available, and this was an economy tractor, so big tires weren't likely.
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    Perkins lift pump filter

    Plastic? heat it up enough to distort it back, it's just the lift pump, you'll know where to look if it stops pumping.
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    Fresh concrete feeezing?

    I assume the "quilt" is a concrete blanket, two layers of plastic with some thin filler in between? the concrete covered will be fine. The bigger issue is how long they leave the blanket on, and other fresh concrete, even a week old, that is not covered. Concrete is poured much colder than...
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    Fresh concrete feeezing?

    Plastic will keep it wet, and straw over the plastic will keep it warm, and keep the plastic in place. Don't worry if there's a little frost on the bottom of the plastic where it's lifted up from the concrete. It would have ruined the surface if it froze, not sure that it would freeze, depends...
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    allis chalmer b Looks like an American built in 1939, British built would be "EB" , hadn't known there were British built Allis.
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    Breather pipe oil leak more than normal (alot)

    Take the oil separator canister off that's bolted to the side of the engine. I don't know what's in there, but it's designed to separate the oil and keep it inside the engine while venting blowby pressure, so if it's fallen apart inside, then it will leak more oil without more blowby gas...
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    California to ban small engines

    I don't know when everything happened. It goes back a long ways. Vast areas of the Western US had their peak population in the 20's and have been losing population ever since. There was virtually no where outside of National Parks that was not grazed for close to a century, now those areas...
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    California to ban small engines

    Seems like a non issue to me. Joke about american V8 lawn mowers all you want, the ban is gas engines under 25 HP, and it's not hard to find a riding lawn mower over 25HP, so this applies to string trimmers and leaf blowers for commercial lawn services. Just keep a few extra batteries on the...
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    Water pipe extension up hill and little pressure

    A booster pump will need a pressure switch unless it has one built in. Usually you'll want a small pressure tank, but a built in pressure switch might not need one. You need to clarify if you have a low pressure situation or a low flow. They go together, but there is a difference. You may...
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    Log splitter- tractor powered to pto conversion

    Easily. I replaced an 8HP gas engine with a 3 HP electric, could have used 2 as the electric is half the speed. Even at 3,600RPM a 3HP electric motor will have enough torque and power factor to run the same pump as a 5 or 8HP gas engine. If you want it to be fast, be sure to get a two stage...
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    Anaerobic Digesters

    Makes more sense than trying to run a parlor on solar and batteries in the winter at your latitude, but I don't make the rules, just play the game.
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    John Deere small baler

    All of this. The flywheel bushing to rotate on the shaft gets loose, then works the shear bolt, wears the bolt bushing, leading to high shear bolt use. The knotters out of time or the plunger stop out of adjustment causes a sudden stop and another broken bolt, seems like a lot of shock to the...