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    Are structural fibres in concrete worth it??

    2 different companies have told me 2 different things 🤔 Anyone with experience understand the difference and if its worth doing?? Thanks very much
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    anti con/dr!pstop a gimmick?

    any thoughts? is it a waiste of time? seems like it needs to be cleaned down with fungicide every year and causes problems with timber purlins...
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    how to work out aggrigate volume to tonne calculation??

    anyone advise me on how to figure out how many tonnes of crushed concrete i need if i need 46m3. a friend told me its 2t to every m3. sound about right?
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    Best barn roofing material....?

    Anyone got any opinions or advice? I'm gonna be building a 60x30ft barn and can't quite decide. Don't like box profile as the fixings go in the 'valley'. Seems like your putting a hole in the worst possible place, then relying on the rubber washer to keep water out. I like corrugated tin but...
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    barn foundation advice needed!!

    hello, im new to this forum and this is my first goes. Im going to be building a 60ftx30ft timber agricultural barn this year, and have a few questions related to the foundations. Im copying the design from a few barns ive seen, so carpentry wize, im sorted. Unlike most ive seen...