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    Why don't dealers get back to you?!

    Are dealers doing that well that they don't have to respond to enquiries. Looking for a New Holland TM, willing to spend between £20,000 - £30,000. I have emailed, rang and text multiple dealers and not one has got back to me! Why bother advertising if they aren't going to respond, or do the...
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    Questionnaire for my daughters Alevel DT on farm equipment Hello, if you could just spend a few moments to fill my questionnaire in it would be greatly appreciated. I am currently studying my a level DT. I have created...
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    Buying entitlements for ground

    Looking for a bit of advice, bought some ground at the end of May. Which was rented out to someone before we bought it, the people who rented have just asked us do we want to buy the entitlements on it. With Brexit and the end of sfp what are people's thoughts or just wait and see what happens?
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    Will sheep cake be £300 a ton at lambing

    Speaking to a feed rep this week and he's said there feed has just gone up £30 a ton this week and sheep feed will be £300 a ton by lambing
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    Mchale rake

    Who got one what's your thoughts we got a claas 2700 two year old thinking of changing it for a mchale we run a fusion 3 and a mchale 5500 baler and got a mchale wrapper all well built kit just wondering what the rake is like thanks
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    What value

    What is this 7610 worth got chance to buy it
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    The new t6 new holland

    Hi as anyone had a price on the new new holland t6 175 and what's the waiting time on a new one thanks
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    How low would sfp have to go till you tell them to keep it and farm as you want

    We farm 150 acres and in a few years our sfp will drop to very little thinking of telling them to keep the money and farm how I want what's peoples thoughs
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    New holland t7 185 or class Arion 650 cd is

    Just looking for peoples thoughts on claas tractors at the moment I run new Hollands t6 160 t6 175 and a t7 175 local claas is trying to get me to buy a few claas put the t6 160 in for a Arion 550 and the t7 in for a Arion 650 cebis been to see them and they look not bad and lots of room in cab...
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    LIUGONG digger

    Had rep round today trying to sell me a digger, we run komatsu and hitachi he give me some figures and a 20 ton Liugone is 23k cheaper the a komatsu. I know the second hand value will be crap but will still get the same per hour as the komatsu when out on hire, what's your thoughts on Liugone...
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    Accommodation for Winter Fair and RWAS

    Barn conversion, 2 units, self catering, en-suite, each one sleeps 4. Ample car parking. 1mile/2 minutes from the show-ground.
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    Ford 7810 or 7840

    Looking to buy a tractor to add to the ones that I've got what will be worth the most in a few years ford 7840 or 7810
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    7810 or 7840

    Looking to buy a tractor to add to the ones I ve got what will be worth more in few years time a ford 7840 of ford 7810
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    Nc paint

    Bought two new nc trailers one low loader and a dump trailer the paint on the dump trailer is peeling off the first time out that was ten months ago been parked up in shed since been on to dealer they came from and nc they say they will sort it ten months on still in shed I won't use it till...
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    Wanted 7810 or 7610

    7810 or 7610
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    Wanted ford 7810 or 7610 series 3

    7810 or 7610 wanted
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    Builth wells winter fair

    Who's going
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    Ford 7610 wanted

    Looking for 7610 q cab
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    Wanted beltex or texel pedigree in lamb ewes.

    Wanted approx 6/8 beltex or texel pedigree in lamb ewes, I live in mid Wales.
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    Wanted beltex or texel ewes in lamb

    I'm looking for approx 6/8 beltex or texel pedigree ewes in lamb, I live in mid Wales