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    Victorian hand tool?

    This photo was sent to me recently.The tool was used on Victorian farm and has been unused and on a garage wall for 90 years! Any ideas as to what it was used for?
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    Banger ropes

    In the past I have made up banger ropes, assembled them myself from kit purchased online.Significantly cheaper than elsewhere. Does anyone know of suppliers, I have lost details of previous contact.
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    Tim Leunig queueing outside Waitrose

    How much would you pay for a picture of our friend Tim, lining up to get into his local supermarket? Just asking!!
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    Angleveyor/FarersFriend/Perry conveyor chain

    I am looking for a new chain for the above....not dealer prices though .....does anyone know of suppliers...
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    Opico Diesel Burner

    Looking for a diesel burner for Opico drier.....changing from gas on an older GT drier..
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    Bristol to Durham

    7 foot gang mowers from BS39 to DH4
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    Waiting for more agchems on Farm Marketplace

    who is delaying purchase of agchems until they appear on Farm Marketplace...imminent last Friday....but I can't wait much longer.Seems like a stand off with farmers the only losers.When they finally become available, I think it would be interesting to see what caused the delay ,and who were the...