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    Wrap prices/availability

    Bought silotite green £63 a roll a month ago last year’s stock
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    New defender

    Same as myself
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    New defender

    Can have a 2 seat one but told 12 to 18 months wait
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    New defender

    Went to order a Defender 90 commercial yesterday couldn’t order one as I wanted three seats in front they are not doing them as haven’t got the chips for the camera and not doing the small engine at the moment so couldn’t order one but the website will let you build it
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    Shows in Wales?

    The Royal Welsh show has had over 1 million pounds in hand outs off the Welsh government over Covid and all there staff have been on furlough I say they have made more profit in the last 18 months without shows
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    Agricultural personal number plates

    Got T4 TUP for sale if anyone is interested
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    mcdonolds chicken nuget face mask

    They are made in Hereford. Sun valley that was
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    Why don't dealers get back to you?!

    Are dealers doing that well that they don't have to respond to enquiries. Looking for a New Holland TM, willing to spend between £20,000 - £30,000. I have emailed, rang and text multiple dealers and not one has got back to me! Why bother advertising if they aren't going to respond, or do the...
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    Questionnaire for my daughters Alevel DT on farm equipment Hello, if you could just spend a few moments to fill my questionnaire in it would be greatly appreciated. I am currently studying my a level DT. I have created...
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    Leasing a new pickup.

    Seen a Mercedes x pick up for £220 a month +vat
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    tractor hire with operator

    The problem with farmers they don't value there time and think the red diesel in there tank is free it wouldn't bother them if it took them all week to bring their bales in go and sit on someone's else's tractor for £15 a hour a lot. Better job
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    Doosan digger.

    If there is a phone number of the company on it try the last four digits of the phone number
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    The effects of the virus on machinery dealers.

    New Holland factory in U.K. On shut down no tractors being made
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    What hope do we have received this today if they don't want lamb / meat now what hope have we got as a industry
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    Livestock Markets may be closed from next week

    Went shopping this morning and the shops were full of people so what's the difference will they shut all shops
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    Food Security

    What about all the food etc that was put into storage for brexit that they didn't need bet they will move that now
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    Tax relief on Red Diesel being scrapped in budget?

    What about if your an Agricultural contractor with diggers etc
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    Large scale egg producers loosing money hand over fist

    Spoke to someone the other week with 3 sheds says he's loosing 5k a week not going to fill them next crop going to leave them empty