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    Bank governor in 'apocalyptic' warning over rising food prices

    Encourage us to invest in UK sourced energy and food... Increase tax on non-essentials - new cars, holidays, hot tubs, etc... Have a separate interest rate for housing and consumer credit.... There are/ were options...
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    what grinds your gears

    The OH giving the dog a fish skin as a treat then retiring to another room whilst I'm left in company of dog gumming said "treat". Kitchen now smells like the rancid hold of an old trawler in the sun....
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    Clarkson on the nail again?

    Let's agree that as an industry we do need some sort of ambassador with a public persona. And now name someone who is more effective.... You don't have to like him but from what I can see he's the individual who's taking the message to the public the most. Prepared to see evidence to the...
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    Residential Neighbour spraying weed killer into field

    Seems like a fair approach...
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    Residential Neighbour spraying weed killer into field

    Have you been and spoken and explained what the risks are to the cattle? Ask them to make sure it doesn't drift onto your land. Sometimes just explaining and asking is all it takes.
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    Mini Digger Question

    Could do with a manual for an EB 12.4 if anyone found a place with them. Good machine but could do with a few parts replacing - track tensioner and ball/ sockets in control sticks.
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    Germany bow to Putin's demands

    Speechless. I'm sure the 4 million displaced people of Ukraine agree with you, along with the farmers trying to work their land in flak jackets. Or the daughter who went to look for her father who had gone to buy bread only to be cut down by shrapnel - apparently the bread is still on the table...
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    That was yesterday.... they're probably taking stock of that today as uncle Vlad turned the tap off.....
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    Massey 6170 clutch problem!

    Sticking sensor on clutch pedal...?
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    Quads have no diffs?

    Klf300 ('84 model) and grizzly 550 on a '67 - both got diffs.....
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    Looming food crisis,what can uk ag industry do? Oh well, bang goes the idea of importing it all then....
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    Farm south of Shrewsbury?

    It might have fallen in the weed at Leebotwood!
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    Telegraph Article About global food crisis

    I suspect it won't be land of milk and honey in 27 countries near us either.
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    M F Door glass.

    Best place to get door glass for a 4255? Assuming a regular auto glazer will fit it - is that right??
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    Extinction rebellion; what would you do?

    Just think of the methane emissions!
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    Best flail topper...or alternative.

    If you want it shredded then you'll need a flail, if it can be cut and left flat then you could use a rotary. Rotary tend to be cheaper and need less power, flails do a tidier job but cost more and need a bit more pop!!
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    Anyone know anything about Orchard sprayers?

    There was one of them on eBay a while back, looks like its off space 1999! Agree with you re open station tractor - you'd have to be suited up to the eyeballs - working in sheds you'll surely need a cab with filters!
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    Renting field for compound

    Agree, this is when you want a land agent (preferably one that's a divorce lawyer in their spare time!!). I did it myself with network rail and undersold myself - land agent every time in future!