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    Divorce and the family farm

    Don't rely on your parents to be honest with you That goes for siblings too
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    Divorce and the family farm

    Sh1tty bar steward parents again, feel sorry for the OP and multi , my father was and still is a lying useless booze hound every shooting season Happy to string you along so the work gets done to facilitate their lifestyles but unwilling to hand over the reigns as promised/ alluded to
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    Strip grazing stubble turnips

    Sucklers love wheat straw too
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    promises promises

    Article in fwi this week I see they have concluded the case in favour of parents and the sister 56 year old brother whose worked on farm all those years and lived in caravan on farm now fully disinherited Sister took sides with parents funnily enough telling court that the brother didn't...
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    The Queens, reps and the patter.

    Noted, I don't care much whether people use proper Queens English, you say you do , yet you don't, I was really only trying to point out the irony. Either way probably best to live and let live.
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    The Queens, reps and the patter.

    Y your second last sentence does not make sense.
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    The Queens, reps and the patter.

    Check your own grammar first, those in glass houses etc etc it should be 'there' not 'they're' as you have used in your opening post.....
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    Moving Industries

    Get a job as agronomist ? Could still do a bit of contractor tractor work ?
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    What would you do if you won the lottery?

    3 hard working couples with young kids we are friends with have health problems, 2 couples have a parent with cancer the other couple have a 5 year old whose in and out of hospital all the time and virtually blind I'd be paying off their mortgages first Then I'd try and buy the farm I'm...
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    What ever is this?

    Badgers can do small perfect circles as well as all the other mess they make usually on the headlands
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    OSR. Is Hail insurance worth it ??

    Could also insure half fields and swath other half if doing reasonable acreage ? Assuming there's a reasonable swat hing contractor nearby. Hedge your risks a bit?
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    What goes on behind the scenes for TFF to function?

    I don't think it was simply a case of they 'closed the doors'.... Amazingly another forum with a suspiciously similar name and layout just happened to be in its infancy and pop up in all google searches for bff Corporate sabotage more likely than simply closing the doors
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    farming partnership agreement

    22 years service and parent partner seemingly unwilling to sit down and go through a reasonable succession process to quell the concerns of the OP This sort of behaviour far too prevalent in the older generation of our industry I went through similar anytime you raise a discussion you get...
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    What does everyone drive?

    2002 vw Bora 2l petrol 95k miles cheap and reliable
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    is this a year for a punt on options

    Disturbed to hear farmers discuss hedging instruments designed to assist producers and buyers of a commodity to manage risk with the terms 'punt' 'gamble' etc Again I feel uk farmers could do with being better educated in this area, I studied finance type subjects at uni , What gets covered at...
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    Average lifespan

    I used to like the light green Nora wellies in 1990's then they changed the material and they wore out ripped more easily Haven't seen them in years
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    Advice needed: Multiple business as sole trader

    What FT said all you need is one big PLI type claim or a large unpaid creditor on one side of business and you risk both business going under
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    Stock take and valuation

    Only ltd companies that require for an audit or partnership or sole trader with a specific request from a lender would require a professional valuation If you don't fall into these categories then it's a waste of time and money Do it yourself consistently and it will be fine - check its not...
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    Winter wheat

    Yes could do, as long as it's warm enough and dry enough that soil does not stick to rollers or rear tyres of tractor Also speak to agronomist as there is an art to use of chemical that can help tillering along with careful timing of N applications
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    Pressing ploughing

    Cultipress rexius twin and the like weatherproof , power Harrow in my exp leaves open to elements and porridge ensues if there is a deluge befor you get the worked land sown