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    Drilling seed and Fert together?

    We have been using DAP down the spout with seed to good effect but with current prices and reasonable fertility is CAN an option? Or will it gather too much moisture and block the seed spouts? Having asked that, what is the most reliable DAP product for drilling with seed? Certain DAP products...
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    EGR valves in engines

    Thanks for all the replies, clearly I live a sheltered life! So.... does the idea still work on Add Blue engines? I guess the AB system won't allow it?
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    EGR valves in engines

    I hear on the grapevine that people are removing egr valves and associated parts, remapping the engines system and getting more power more torque and have done away with a troublesome component of the modern diesel engine - mainly JD engines, I suspect Does anyone have any comments, experience...
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    Drive on drying floor

    I'm thinking of building our own - has anyone done it - what are the pitfalls ? Where can I get components at sensible prices? What are the dimensions of timbers and spacings? look forward to your replies!
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    tuning chips for combines

    Does anyone have any opinions?
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    Drills: Weaving - GD

    could i have the serial no of your drill please? [email protected]
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    Drills: Weaving - GD

    can I have please the serial no
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    Drills, which one best all rounder for cereals?

    like the look of weaving and dale drills does the seed hawk tine create a slot for the slugs? does the GD disc ( weaving ) perform in challenging damp conditions? Or is the weaving Sabre tine more adept in the wet? but slugs ? What about closing the slot?
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    late drilling in wet conditions: what drill to use?

    presently using vaderstat system disc on min till & ploughed pressed land which always works fine until we have to wait for BG to flush then its usually too wet for the drill to work. in this part of lincolnshire everybody has waited for the BG and now not many have drilled much, now that the BG...
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    Subsoiler: Trailed or Mounted?

    how do you find the performance of the ultra lite tine? In my experience, I would have thought the big advantage is that subsoiler and tractor will turn quicker at the headland if it's mounted and surely weight transfer will be improved
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    Subsoiler leg types

    Any views on the Tilso sabre legs and also views on the Cousins micro wing and twin micro wing?
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    Cousins V Form subsoiler

    Thanks for the reply: what are the low disturbance legs that you're using? I have TWB leg bottoms on our machine, I'm thinking i'll cut the wings off to reduce lift as the plan is to use it for seeding osr?
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    EU Referendum

    Brits farming in france: what are your views ? And , What are anybody's views?
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    EU Referendum

    Brits farming in France: What are your views ? Should we stay or should we go?
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    Cousins V Form subsoiler

    We have a 3.25 frame with 5 legs. Dare we put 2 more legs in it? Has anyone done this and how did it perform?
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    Farming in France - Pros and Cons.

    Hi, Would like to start a discussion of the pros and cons of farming in France. Thanks