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  1. Velocette

    Putting time aside to just enjoy

    I do enjoy the symmetry of crop patterns, here's one my wife took near Fridaythorpe in the Yorkshire Wolds.
  2. Velocette

    "Acorn Yard" Origin of field name ?

    Not far from me is a pub called "The Flappit" and the area around it is also called that. It turns out that at the side of the couple of houses there are some depressions in a field which were the holes or "pits" that tanners used to put flayed hides in, immersed in some liquid, probably urine...
  3. Velocette

    Food Processors beg to use Prison Labour

    Can't see the problem. We used to have prisoners from Thorpe Arch cycle about 8 miles each way to the farm at potato picking time in the early 60's. Ex post office single speed bikes too ! A bottle of cold tea and a jam sandwich was all they were sent out with so they ate with us. Only problem...
  4. Velocette

    36 Furrows !!!

  5. Velocette

    Keeping geese off crops

    Exactly the same situation dealt with today near Harrogate. Started at 4.30am under a 1/4 moon and took double figure mixed bag with the shotgun. We'll be back four days out of the next seven until they get the message.
  6. Velocette

    Puzzled ?

    Is there a swear filter here that allows a thread title to say the "B" word but only allows the "R" word when answering ? Purely a technical enquiry as both words would appropriately describe the BBC.
  7. Velocette

    Puzzled ?

    On the forum list it says "BBC rubbish". On the thread list it says " BBC rubbish" . Open the thread and its "BBC rubbish" again. What is it,,,,,rubbish or rubbish ?
  8. Velocette

    Coronavirus Humour (And conspiracy Theories)

    I would expect no less from the likes of you. Shame on you !!
  9. Velocette

    Thieving barstewards

    These work well,,just remember to set it at shoulder height and zip tie a bag of chilli powder over the end of the blank cartridge. Perfect !
  10. Velocette

    Packhams CBE

    That's fair enough,,,he's still a twunt though. :whistle:
  11. Velocette

    Packhams CBE

    I think that should be an A not an I.
  12. Velocette

    Getting rid of Rabbits near houses...?

    If you can,,borrow some trammel nets rather than long nets as they are much easier to operate at night. They have a 3ply construction which forms a bag as each rabbit hits the net and doesn't cause the net to collapse which means you can have a dozen rabbits in a length of net and one person can...
  13. Velocette

    Packhams carbon footprint ! This demonstrates just what a hypocrite Packham is. Mod note: From the other thread this is mentioned in: ttps:// Environmental activist and BBC presenter Chris Packham has been busy of...
  14. Velocette

    Two Days to Shoot Pigeons!

    No need to apply,,,just comply with the rules,,if you can !
  15. Velocette

    Illegal Bikers - Police swoop in dawn raids

    The bikes have been seized under Sec,59 Police reform Act,,,anti social use which is automatic in these circumstances. Providing that the bikes are legally owned by the culprits and not stolen then the chances are that they will get them back after paying a fee. The criminal damage will have to...
  16. Velocette

    Illegal Bikers - Police swoop in dawn raids

    Not true,,they have been seized with no mention of a confiscation order. IF criminal damage is proven against an individual then a judge may request confiscation. Watch for the court outcome,I'll wager a shilling that no crushing of legally owned bikes will occur !
  17. Velocette

    Illegal Bikers - Police swoop in dawn raids

    Don't forget though that these bikes have only been seized,not permanently confiscated. Produce your documents and pay a fee and its yours again unless you are a persistent offender. Sec165 Road traffic act. Madness !!!