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    SFI Pilot payments

    Just received our first payment today, start in feb
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    AB7: Wholecrop Cereals - herbicide restrictions

    because its v low input and you have to leave the stubble till next spring
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    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    we have used this for T2 so I hope so
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    Have you taken part in any Future Farming Resilience Fund events recently?

    I believe that is where it is most beneficial, but good to hear an outside opinion sometimes
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    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    Thanks, are you testing the pH of the mix or just applying a certain amount of citric acid g/ha?
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    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    Was told I’d get scorch if I tried that, you had any scorch issues?
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    Univoq / Iconiq drip stop issues?

    That foliar urea any different to standard soil applied nufol for example?
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    State of your crops -2022

    At least its easy to spot where to rouge!
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    Clarkson on the nail again?

    according to adm 71% of Ukraines spring cropped area has been planted as of 2nd may compared to last year
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    Alibaba , has anyone used it to buy ?

    Can get some good deals but equally can often just be cheap knockoff rubbish
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    Manure management

    If you are going to compost don't pile it higher than two metres and try to stop it getting over 65 degrees. Long windrows are easiest. You will lose some of the mass but will have less to spread of a better product.
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    Cheap 1 year legume

    yes, has plenty of shallow fine roots like linseed
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    Cheap 1 year legume

    Phacelia doesn't fix N
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    Chicken muck prices 2021

    Just got offered £60/t for next year, 5x increase, no thanks
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    Combinables Price Tracker

    Offered Milling £350/t midlands just now
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    Cover crop options please

    Plenty of summer cover crop options for around £20/ha, chuck some home saved stuff with it as well to make it cheaper. Don't let it seed
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    SFI pilot

    Haven't received any contact in a month plus now too
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    Trees - the fantasy and the reality

    In reality its nowhere near £10k
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    Potato Planting 2022

    Does anybody know where I could get info for area of 2022 potato planting in UK and Europe, as well as forecast crop yields for 2022 given the dry spring we have had etc Many thanks
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    2022 BPS claim, website issue?

    Just use FA01 for stewardship options, should be irrelevant after next year anyway. ...I hope