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    Trace elements on flowering OSR?? is it worth it or are you covering the petals ?
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    Grazers 50 on OSR??

    As above, has anyone used it and does it do any good again Pigeion attack? out everyd day with bangers, ropes(what we have left) rockets etc but they literally fly off and come back in ten mins or so now. had shooting gangs on doing some bits but not enough to keep them off!
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    Soil sampling

    Who is best to use for soil sampling? Had SOYL do some a few years ago but due to be done again and I’m keen to do the organic matter testing but not sure if SOYL is the best ??
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    6” grain auger

    Grain auger for sale, working order. also available -sweep auger -strait bin auger 6”
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    Phosphorus Liberator

    Has anyone used or had any dealings with using Phosphorus liberator? Is it a load of bull crap or does it work? costs?
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    Wheat variety for this autumn

    Possibly looking for new one this year if I can get seed, got kerrin and skyscraper but not sure about the skyscraper. Doesn’t look anywhere near as good as the kerrin. Won’t ditch either but thinking of speeding the risk a little.
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    Best liquid fert company / tank hire deal

    As above really, had a few of the merchants out offering tanks for free as long as I buy from I better to go direct with one company?
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    50kg air greaser

    50kg air greaser and trolley. Handy tool of a lot of greasing needed on kit in the yard, only ever used it ourselves for the one barrel as we don’t do much greasing in the yard. barrel of grease is empty £100
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    Berthoud sprayer spares

    Have some brand new berthoud sprayer spares available..... 3x quad nozzle bodies 9x nozzle bodies air connector tips Speed sensor cable from berthoud tracker Main filter
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    Sprayer nozzles

    Sprayer nozzles and caps for sale full 24m (48) set of..... -03 blue hydro guardian airs With caps and seals -025 lilac air induction (hardly used at all) with caps and seals -02 yellow spray tips (no caps or seals)
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    Anyone know what this is??

    Anyone seen this, in OSR on limestone brash type land, looks like csfb lava but it’s in the soil around the roots ?!
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    Sugar beet yields?

    What yields are people finding up to now? Also has anyone got any results on min till land vs ploughed?
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    Rollers: Simba -

    Rollers: Simba - Category: Rollers Manufacturer: Simba Price: £3000 Condition: Used Description: Simba Cambridge rolls 6.2m Bearings all good. Not been used for a few years time they were gone out the way. Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by...
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    Simba Cambridge rolls 6.2m

    I have a set of simba rolls for sale, all bearings are ok and rings. Not been used for a few years and it’s time they were gone. 6.2 meters. £3000+vat Ono
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    TOPCON x14 gps light bar

    Selling a TOPCON X14 gps light bar. Only had it 18 months but no longer needed as all tractors now have built in gps. All working and in original box.
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    Pros and cons of liquid fert vs granular??

    Looking at changing my sprayer and considering going from 24m to 36m but most people tell me that would mean going to liquid fert ?? What's the pros and cons or liquid? Anyone done it and regretted it?
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    Hail insurance on OSR?

    Who bothers to insure their OSR crops for hail storms? We have done in the last but can't decide if I should bother anymore?
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    Direct drilling sugar beet

    Is there anyone out there direct drilling sugar beet, no pre cultivations strait into the stubble. I'm after somebody to do 90 acres for me in the spring Grantham area.
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    Slug pellets

    Maybe not in the right place but what are people paying for slug pellets? Chiltern appeal or chiltern attract?
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    Jb Diego or reflection??

    Can't decided if I should grow Jb or reflection this year, also growing sky fall and Siskin but can't decide between these two? Jb has always been consistent but reflection has been heavy yields this year but yet struggled with yellow rust!