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    Have your, strip drilled (Claydon /Mzuri etc), Zero tilled (JD 750A/Horsch Avatar etc) germinated more evenly than ???

    That looks great, did you do any pre-cultivation ? Was it drilled with the standard Mzuri or Exact ?
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    Buying land

    You can get it even cheaper now !
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    X Pot

    Best thing I’ve ever put in to keep our heating system in tip top condition. They’re not cheap to run at the start to get it to the right condition then it’s preventative maintenance
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    Do you produce excess renewable energy?

    Good luck, but it’s cheaper and easier to buy and trade the currency yourself than create it. By the time you have paid for your equipment it will be defunct. A fair few people selling the equipment have compared it to the next big gold rush. The people selling the spades and the shovels made...
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    Power Purchase Prices From Opus

    December last year. Did it at auction. It’s for 1.1mw AD plant
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    Power Purchase Prices From Opus

    6.85p with Opus inc benefits ex triad. Fixed for 12 months. Happy with that. Actually did a good job for once !
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    Selling price - electricity

    It’s not what you get in one month it’s about the average. I would be interested what your summer price is on the same format ! Or what your 12 months trading average is. I think there’s a lot of pub goers on here who drinks the same stuff as my arable neighbour does when he talks about how...
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    Electricity purchase deals .

    If your output is good try epower auctions. Stick a high reserve on it
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    Poultry waste going into an engine ?! Please enlighten me how you would clean this gas before the nitrogen or hydrogen sulphide eats the engine ?
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    What year are you thinking of ? There’s only 8750 hours in a year ! lol
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    RHI payments

    The payments are split on payment runs every other week. 1 week its Northern Ireland, the next its the Main land GB
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    Above ground Insulated pipe for heating AD plant

    Stainless steel and lagged. Cheaper than underground pipe, it stands higher temperatures and higher pressures
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    Dispatches- woodchip.

    Don’t hate the player..... hate the game. I think the concept of the Rhi could have been fantastic, but there are so many flaws that the government missed. You can’t really blame the installers or operators for doing what they have done. Blame the rule makers. They made the systems eligible.
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    £200 fat lamb

    6 years ago people said wheat would be £300/tonne when it was at £200/tonne for a few days. It hasn’t been back at £200 since either !
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    Ofgem very slow to respond

    That’s not slow !! Try 21 months for accreditation and no payments !
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    Who is Private Eye's "Bio-Waste Spreader"?

    Why is profit a bad word in the Ag community ??
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    LPG Price

    Varies really, I used to use a lot but now only about 20,000 litres per year. try to use less !!
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    LPG Price

    18.2 pence. Calor. Use abit all through the year but there are better options if a high user.
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    Anyone doing ryegrass for whole crop

    That's grass. The post is about Hybrid Rye. Totally different. Those cost of production are quite a bit different to an integrated business operation