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    Got a questionable reactor now what ?

    We've just had our routine tb test today and we've got a reactor according to the young fresh out of school vet. We're doubtful as this cow shot he head up and bent the needle on the thingymajig but hey ho she's got a green tag of disapproval and We're under restrictions. Gutted to say the...
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    Iso bus problem

    Well the best day of the week yesterday and my baler decided to go on strike. Baling away like a hero the box gives out a different alarm and the screen went from the baler one to a generic menu. It can't find the baler anymore. Tried the baler on a tractor with its own screen. It couldn't see...
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    Case vs New Holland

    Have been looking for a fresh bigger tractor now for a while and anything decent is strong money. Have been talked into looking at a new one by a couple of reps historically were blue blooded with a few red ones thrown in for good measure. So looking at a t7.210 and the puma equivalent other...
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    Building bay width

    I've always been brought up with building bays width of 15ft or 20ft mainly to match in with the existing sheds. I'm hoping to put a shed up away from main holding. Got a steel frame ordered and am looking at getting the purlins sorted. I can get them in 4.5m or 4.8m lengths. The question is can...
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    Putting an isobus cable and monitor on a tractor

    With more and more machinery now being controlled through touch screen monitors And my old tractors not having any screens in them . I was just wondering if it's got to the stage where it's now worth while to have another tractor kitted up with a screen in so I'm not restricted to using one...
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    Sulky fertitest

    Just going to put some ammonium sulphate on what's left of my osr. So I'd thought it would be prudent to check my spreader settings were upto date. Have tried to get on to fertitest and now you have to register and log into it. Only problem is its in French and I can't find the UK , GB , or...
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    Puma problem

    My 185 puma has started putting up a fault on the corner display of "low hydro charge" and a symbol of an oil droprices in a box. It's just been recently dealer serviced need filters and oils. Levels are ok and oil pressure seems fine. Has anyone got any ideas before I ring the main dealers.
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    How do you deal with a situation like this

    Now I seem to have got myself into a situation. I take grass keep on a few farms over the winter for my sheep. And was approached by an agent to graze some aftermaths on a local Farm he's dealing with. The owner knows my family having had dealings with us in the past. The fields having this...
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    x box or ps4

    Well it's getting to that time of year when my two little cherubs start dropping hints to santa. Now the youngest wants an Xbox and the eldest a ps4. Now i haven't a clue about these things but having a look around which one is best even then what's the difference between and Xbox 1 and a Xbox...
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    fly troubles

    Since we're now well into silly season being stuck in a tractor cab all hours trying to get sown up before this glorious weather breaks How do you stop flies getting into your cab at night when you get out to open a gate or adjust the plough or something. I run a boxdrill combi and when...
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    new holland fault code

    Occasionally my new holland auto command throws up the error code 2035 and looses drive usually when shuttling at a headland and can only get going by stopping it and leaving it a minute then its ok again. I've looked in the instruction book they don't put the codes in like they used to . I've...
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    valtra front linkage

    Looking for a front linkage for a valtra n123.
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    sheepdog pup problem

    Which is the best way to stop a young pup to stop darting for car and tractor wheels in fact any moving vehicles. Don't really want to give it a good beating when it does it cause we're just about to start training it and i want it to trust me. Thanks in advance Mike