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  1. Derek67

    Row Crop Tyres

    Needing two second hand 380/90/50 row crop tyres to complete a set that I'm needing, 40% thread or more would match the fronts.
  2. Derek67

    Case 2600 Lt Sprayer

    Anyone got a operators manual for the casetronic rds flow controller on a case 2600Lt, Need to calibrate it but can't find much information, it's basically the same unit as a rds delta 4 but some buttons are different so it's not the same procedure as the delta 4 controller..
  3. Derek67

    Massey 6480 air suspension tanks

    Have a 6480 massey here needing new plastic air tanks for the cab suspension, Once saw somewhere that there's a engineering works in the UK making steel ones but can't seem to find it again! Anyone any idea who makes these?
  4. Derek67

    T7 210 steering noise

    Hi first must say hello to everyone and hope the weather is good where ya are.. I have a new Holland t7 210 which I bought second hand, problem is the noise and vibration coming from the steering and vibration noise from the gearbox when letting off the power, have tried filters, steering...