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  1. Michael S

    4ft Flail Horsepower Requirement?

    I run a 1.2m Ferri flail with two rows of stationary teeth and whale tail flails on a NH Boomer 25, with me acting as the TMS (hydrostatic transmission) I can end up travelling slowly in heavy going but rarely stall it.
  2. Michael S

    Fendt 312 lost cruise/pedal mode

    I'm guessing that you could check the brake light switch which will probably be up near the hinge point of the brake pedals under the dash?
  3. Michael S

    Ineos Grenadier

    I saw Jim Radcliffe on TV talking about his £4,000,000,000 bid for Chelsea FC: " I don't need a football club to make money, I make plenty from petro-chemicals." I really wonder if he just built what he wants without a thought about making money, perhaps he would be happy to break even at best...
  4. Michael S

    Ineos Grenadier

    I spoke to them today at LAMMA and they said that they hadn't really considered the commercial market in development, so sadly it sounds like it will remain more in the category of rich man's toy than working vehicle. Interestingly I had read a military equipment blog which said that they were...
  5. Michael S

    What Fertilizer spreader ?

    Bredal good mechanical spreader and accurate in rate and spread when correctly set but hard on fertiliser - looks like a lime spreader when putting granular urea to 24m. We have an Accord, now KV with weigh cells that is I think 14 years old. If set right and properly tested granular urea to 32m...
  6. Michael S

    Toyota Hilux

    I have a 2.4 2018 hilux, the power and economy buttons only alter the map of the throttle pedal and not the fuelling map of the engine so are frankly a gimmick; in the power mode about 75% of the power comes in the first 25% of the pedal travel giving the illusion of more power, in economy only...
  7. Michael S

    Ineos Grenadier

    I have my name on an early order place for a Grenadier. Unfortunately they have engineered it so well the kerb weight is 2.65-2.80t so the payload is well under a tonne which means the 5 seaters aren't VAT reclaimable unless you are brave or rich - I have two friends that run full fat Range...
  8. Michael S

    Opinions on Bridgestone VT / VX tyres?

    VX tyres are "standard" type tyres, VT tyres are very high flexion type. We have had a set of VTs in 710/70R38 and 600/65R28s on a Fendt 724 for about 2000 hours and so far so good. Enough so that when I bought an ex-stock Valtra T175 that didn't have the right size tyres for me, 540/65R28 and...
  9. Michael S

    Front pto question

    We use a 1000rpm front topper with a 540rpm rear topper and there is no problem, just select standard 540rpm at the rear and both then work at the correct speed. Conversely with our front rake which has a gearbox that can deal with either input speed we use the 1000rpm input with a Welgar AP830...
  10. Michael S

    Tyre vulcanise.

    Tyre Revivers in Northamptonshire have done repairs for us via our local Protyre, however I doubt that tyre is repairable.
  11. Michael S

    DMax vs Hilux

    I have a 6 speed manual 2018 Hilux Active, no auto option on the base model, and usually get 28-30mpg. Before that I had a 2014 L200 5 speed auto and struggled to exceed 20mpg. I think some of the modern 8 or 9 speed autos can give fuel consumption similar to a manual providing you do enough...
  12. Michael S

    New toy day

    Got it a bit muddy before taking pictures, replaced T174 Active with this T175 Direct, so far so good.
  13. Michael S

    Hedge funds pumped

    I was talking more about the further forward positions in a volatile market, +/-£50/t in an hour you will most likely be selling to a futures market investor rather than an end user.
  14. Michael S

    Get those machines serviced!!

    On a lot of modern tractors cleaning the air filter is an absolute no-no, simply because of chance of damaging them. Even in a 1980s MB-trac the instruction manual said to only clean the air filter when the warning light came on. Valtra T4 series says only to replace air filter and definitely...
  15. Michael S

    Hedge funds pumped

    I suspect that they have all piled into commodities and no doubt will do well out of them. One local merchant told me that you can't find a physical buyer for wheat at £230/t November but he could sell into the futures market and go deliverable against the buyer if they don't off load it...
  16. Michael S

    What size tractor

    There are exceptions for STGO haulage, of course. An 80mm ball hitch is another useful addition for improving handling and stability, I use one myself.
  17. Michael S

    What size tractor

    That is why I put driver attitude ahead of skill in my post - I'm sure the driver of a low loader lorry carrying a 20 ton digger takes roundabouts more carefully and slowly than the average bulker driver, but you are right that a physically bigger tractor should improve handling as well as...
  18. Michael S

    What size tractor

    At 50 tons plus you would be illegal in UK no matter how many horsepower you have got up front; perhaps it is different in Eire.
  19. Michael S

    What size tractor

    Joskin rule of thumb for flat land is 10hp per 1000l plus 10hp for luck. At 23,000l you might need a little bit more luck although I would say their guide is not far out. I used to pull a 16,000l with a Fendt 939 because it is what I had for other jobs. When I no longer required the 939 I sold...
  20. Michael S

    Is datatag worth it?

    The NFU Mutual give a discount if fitted. The potential to recover is increased, the master sticker has a transponder fitted under it and two other small transponders, about the size of an electrical resistor, are hidden on the machine using a needle to insert them into soft parts of the machine...