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    N fert timing dry spring

    Hello, I am curious if anyone started applying N to wheat with the forecast of a dry spring?
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    Charlock in OSR

    Hello, I am growing OSR this year on some ground that has had problems with charlock in the past. Apart from growing a Clearfield variety I wondered whether any one had some tips on how to control it, such as a weed wiper. Thanks Jim
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    Intercropping linseed and winter beans

    Hi, Some of my winter beans haven't weathered the winter very well and I've got a few bare spots appeared. I was thinking of ripping up some of it the other day, but now they improved a bit and with the dry weather I am worried that putting the linseed in might end up leaving me with nothing...
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    JCB 530-70 continuous hydraulic flow

    Hello, I have a JCB 530-70 ' 03plate and I want to put a timber trailer on it, so I can pick up and move wood around the yard. However to operate the spools you need to press and hold a button. I would like to have a continuous flow so I can operate the timber trailer out on the platform. I...
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    How early can you drill winter wheat?

    Without worrying about disease and grassweeds. Theoretically how early could you drill winter wheat without it going to ear by Xmas? I understand the winter varieties need to go through the vernalisation period, but that most varieties don't require this as much now due to cross breeding with...
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    Tined weeder, anyone used one for blackgrass and other weeds?

    Hi Looking in to the world of tined weeders and was wondering what success/experience people have had with them in all combinable crops. It worries me that the chemical companies have too much money! Cheers
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    How to build K indices

    We have high phosphate levels due to the amount of sewage sludge applied over the years. However our K indices remain 1 and 0 after following rb209 recommendations with bagged k applications. Has anyone got an economical way of building K indices?
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    Pea seed

    Hi I am looking to buy some large blue pea seed after being let down buy a merchant. If anybody has any or knows of some please let me know. Thanks
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    Connecting kuhn quantron A to intelliview with task controller

    Hi I've just got a kuhn 40.2 m-emc with the quantron A box, and was wondering whether I can connect it to my intelliview screen in order to use the task controller? Thanks
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    New Holland T7 Air brake pressure

    Hello I've a 2014 NH t7.235 and I can only get it to 6.68 bar( used to be 7.5barish). I've drained the air tank, the belt doesn't look to be slipping. I was wondering if what to try next?
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    Arable farmer’s guide to store lambs

    Hello I am thinking of finishing some store lambs this winter and I was wondering what advice people had on this. The field is currently in wheat and will go in to peas in the spring. What would people advise as a crop for the sheep? When would you buy/sell? Stocking density? Would you treat...
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    NH task controller for auto shut off on Horsch drill

    Hello I have a NH t7 and have just unlocked task controller for my trailed sprayer to do auto shut off. Has anyone used task controller to shut off their drill for more precision drilling cereals? Thanks
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    Liquid Fert tank bunding

    Hello I am making the move the liquid fert this year and understand that any new tanks that are put in have to be bunded. I have no problem with this, but I was just wondering the most economical way of bunding? Thanks