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    And the average house price then would be around £19 to 20,000 back then !
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    Fendt transmission rebuild cost 25k

    I can quite believe it cost that much to repair the transmission in the original post. A couple of years ago in the yellow peril in the what's in your shed bit a fellow was singing John Deeres praises on how they'd looked after him. A tractor packed up on him when it was just out of warranty, it...
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    New Holland T6040

    Sounds like you've got a T6040 LS then that stands for loader special. New Holland did a T6020 LS as well. A higher spec lower profile tractor that had a larger hydraulic pump as well for fitting a front loader to. Yes it will have power boost and no keypad on the dash. We had a 6020 just the same
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    New Holland T6.160 AutoCommand purchase

    As to the original post I've put a 5 furrow on mine before as well as a twin leg subsoiler going a good 16 inches deep in heavy going. And it copes as well as any 130hp tractor would. Its great on pto work biggest thing a 3.5m power harrow. The fuel tank isn't big enough for it to last a long...
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    New Holland T6.160 AutoCommand purchase

    That if I'm not mistaken is the 50th anniversary edition full spec with gold grill. That might just end up being as sort after as a silver jubilee 7810
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    Got a questionable reactor now what ?

    Last time this happened a few years ago in a bought in cow we were put on restriction but the ministry vet came out and did a retest on her and it came back negative and everything was lifted. But there seems no option of that now. We only have 30 sucklers running on some rough land and river...
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    Got a questionable reactor now what ?

    Thank you for confirming what I thought was the case. Looks like I'm going to be well down on finishing cattle numbers this year.
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    Got a questionable reactor now what ?

    We've just had our routine tb test today and we've got a reactor according to the young fresh out of school vet. We're doubtful as this cow shot he head up and bent the needle on the thingymajig but hey ho she's got a green tag of disapproval and We're under restrictions. Gutted to say the...
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    Are fendts really that good ??

    My cousins youngest is a time served mechanic for a fendt and massey dealership. He says if it was his own money buying a 200hp plus tractor he would plump for a massey. Better engines, better electric wiring fendt wiring comes from Spain where as massey gets theirs from Germany. Yes fendt have...
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    How many ha’s/acres per year are being taken out of production across the UK due to development etc etc?

    There's about 4 million hectares of arable land in England and 12 million hectares of grass land, that includes arable land currently down to grass all the way to unimproved Hill land according to Google. It's a shame that they seem hell bent on developing the most productive land then blaming...
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    Is Red Tractor actually legal?

    It's getting a bit like that with halal accreditation for foods. All these companies facing the same excuses as we the farmers are opening up the markets etc for a princely sum and you jump through these few little hoops in the mean time
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    Telling us what we already know? Supermarketing: A model balanced on a knife edge

    Supermarkets aren't cheap though. They sell the idea of cheapness via low prices on the staples where they can screw the farmer ie milk and veg. And convenience with everything being under one roof. But what they stock is what they can make the biggest margin on.
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    Case/New Holland Tractors?

    Went through this earlier this year. Priced up a t7.210 and a puma 165 a couple of specs the classic and the sidewinder in both. Not alot in it at all price wise but at the time case had better terms and better warranty than new holland. And the cabs are pretty much of a muchness in terms of...
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    New Holland Elite/Delta cab

    We had a 6020 LS (loader special) that had elite stickers on the bottom of the doors. Had the 16 speed electro command box a higher capacity hydraulic pump, bigger lift cylinders, wider tyres and a factory fitted loader. On spec it looked the bees knees. Horrible thing it was under powered on...
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    ELMS: Learning the lessons from history.

    It just makes you wonder how when the subsidies go how the powers that be will maintain control of us all. Especially if that's the type of carrot they're hoping to entrap us with
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    Case Vestrum cvx

    I thought the vestrum and the larger t5 new hollands were more akin to the previous 4cyl maxxums and t6s. Seeing as the the current trend is to put a 4cyl engine in a tractor the same dimensions as a 6cyl one.
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    New holland or claas combine

    Both are regarded as premium brand combines. My experience is the New Holland will produce a better sample and have slightly lower losses A Claas will cost more in servicing and parts but no other company can compare to the back up offered by Claas and their dealers. Unlike CNH they understand...
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    Belt Baler Recommendations

    We went from a john deere 590 to a vicon 2160. It was a revelation! Will bale grass for a start and just flies through straw. Hope it does you well
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    MF 7719 experiences

    A 7719 is a totally different tractor to a 7719s . The former was the smallest larger wheelbase that was soon phased out. The latter a recent addition and the largest short wheelbase in the range
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    British Tractors

    Think it would have to be a t6 series new holland. Then they're only assembled in this country most things are shipped in from various other plants in Europe and put together here. They only other tractor made here is the fastrac and they will be too big !