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  1. Rusty#1

    Project Zetros

    @Cab-over Pete
  2. Rusty#1

    Jcb fastrac 145 cab and other parts

    all long gone I’m afraid, very few little bits and bobs left gearbox wise but that’s all
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    DTP tractors

    feel like I should comment on this i travelled up to view rather sceptical :oops: but... I bought a item of them, of fair value 30-40k, to be fair they were fair enough with me let me kick the tyres for a few hours, I went away thought about it phoned up payed the £ and collected the next...
  4. Rusty#1

    passed this on the motorway

    Awesome bits of kit, I’ve seen plenty of chippers over the last few years but nothing matches these things, 15 mins for a load 🤠
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    Yes mate she’s gone on her holidays on the banana boat, was a good tractor, biggest problem I had with her was the front diff shite itself, be interesting to know the hours on her now Maybe should of kept her in hindsight but that’s life
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    few from this weeks adventures
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    The D6N was LGP we found surprisingly the non LGP was much better for grip and putting the power down on the piles
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    Woodchip is in local chipboard/MDF factory, on a massive scale, and it’s ended because they’ve built storage silos so wagons tip and it gets conveyed into the silo then straight into factory.....or at least that’s the theory, as for fire it’s used that quick generally it doesn’t seem a issue, I...
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    D6R XL series II 2004 20k hours Track chains 100% good done about 300hours since new, 80% good rollers/idlers and 50%pads Coal U blade for bulk pushing As with anything I own it’s been serviced and loved since we bought it wanted for nothing Runs and sounds mint will push a house down all day,
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    Everything Unreserved at Euro :nailbiting:
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    Yes mate, one sold one still to go, off for its holidays to Euro auctions this week, loved owning them and working on them and they’ve done well for me :)
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    7530 engine rebuild and improvements :-)

    I’m still here just not as often! A little girl/family life now occupys most my spare time :love: So I downscaled the contracting and do more haulage than anything now walking floor/low loader and curtain side, still have 7710/cutter & your topper still going strong :) Also had 2 and a half...
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    Project Xerion.

    I always use wurth diesel cure, a can every few weeks when filling up daily and I’ve had no major fuel system problems with cat or John Deere so in my book it’s good stuff
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    Project Xerion.

    @Cab-over Pete Pete great thread I’ve only just stumbled across, my only advice is keep on top of engine oil changes between 200-250hrs, the C9 heui pump loves regular oil changes otherwise expect big bills for a pump & injectors, it will drink a fair drop of engine oil but don’t worry all c9’s...
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    Digger Upgrade

    No not at all, most the big hitters get there stock from there anyway, go the day before have a good go in all of the ones you’ve earmarked, I bought a 21tonner and inspected the ones I had earmarked at least 3 times over my time on site, the one that looked the best in the pictures was the...
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    Importing a New Machine From The USA

    I know one thing for sure, if the millingtons can help then they will, been there yard yesterday and we got to the bottom of a fault with a truck that the main dealer had for 4 days with the same fault and couldn't sort (n) seems like every main dealer only wants to carry out warranty work now...
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    Importing a New Machine From The USA

    Seen her in the flesh today pete, proper thing built really well and looks like it would go anywhere :)
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    Mconnel Hedge cutter roller

    Iv one for a 1.6 head
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    Loaded up and trucking!!

    Moving our big dozer to site before xmas, we have to take the blade off as it's 14ft, the dozers work stockpiling woodchip on a big scale!, the dozer on the trailer has a coal blade which is ideal for us :) a bit of diversification from ag work(y)
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    Massey Ferguson 9240

    Not my tractor but have had a drive a few times, from memory it's the one without electric linkage controls, very low hours