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  1. Richard Devon

    MF 6499 dyna 6 filter part no.s

    Can anyone help me out with the correct part numbers for the 2 x transmission filters on this 59 plate tractor. There is one on the r.h. side in a long spin-on cylinder, the 2nd is on the l.h. side and fits inside a bowl on the side of the transmission. thanks
  2. Richard Devon


    What's everyone using for workshop/general farm overalls now? Dickies have stopped doing the ones with the poppers, the zip ones don't last 5 minutes. I bought a pair of kramp overalls, right size in the top, but legs 5" too I reckon they will be hot during the summer time What...
  3. Richard Devon

    Amidosulfuron on bracken control

    OK, so its in grassland, so techincally arable farming.......but has anyone had any experience with using amidosulfuron for control of bracken? Asulam is not approved this year for our area, they are touting this alternative product so just wondered if it was worth it or not
  4. Richard Devon

    Perkins 6.354 oil control rings

    How many oil control rings should be fitted to this engine? I pulled the pistons out, all six only had the top ones, the bottom ring groove below the gudgeon pin was empty. The new ring kit has arrived and it has 2, presumably for both. What to do?
  5. Richard Devon

    MXU115 (TSA115) lost #1 & #2 spools

    Its a '04 model with CCLS and 3 x mechanical/cable operated valves. For some time its been playing up, first it lost pressure/flow from #2, then #1 decided it had also had enough. Only #3 works now. With a flow-meter running out of #3 at about 500psi I can get the #1 valve to come to life...
  6. Richard Devon

    Lely centerliner superbowl

    What causes a centerliner to throw too much fert behind the tractor - it looks greener where the tractor has been than out over the 20m bouts? Too high, too low, incorrect pitch?
  7. Richard Devon

    Splitting trolley - tractor rear axles

    Any suggestions or pics on suitable trolleys that can be fitted up to the rear axle of a tractor to safely pull the back end away for repairs - thinking of the likes of Maxxum 5100 series etc.
  8. Richard Devon

    Accord DL drilling speed

    What kind of speed to you find to be optimal when using one of these DLs? Is there a prefered speed for that metering system and those suffolk coulters?
  9. Richard Devon

    Moving an Opico grain drier

    There's one come up for sale about 50 odd miles from us trouble is there's a fair bit of dual carriageway between us (and a small bit of motorway and wondered how easy they are to disassemble enough to reduce the travel height. Any other tips or tricks to moving them - other than getting...
  10. Richard Devon

    Mobile phone signal booster

    Has anyone any experience with these signal boosters? Around home and the yard there is no reception at all, upstairs in the bedroom window with the phone held up really high against the glass and we get some semblence of signal so got to thinking about improving it. I have been searching the...
  11. Richard Devon

    Six star cage wheels to suit 38" rim

    Looking for a set of cage wheels to suit 38" rims, ideally after 6 stars in good condition The approx diameter is 1.56m.
  12. Richard Devon

    bird-proof vented ridge

    what do you fellas do to keep pigeons etc from getting in to barns through the vented ridges? Seems like it needs some chicken wire or similar.....not sure if best to work from inside our outside......what is best?
  13. Richard Devon

    Kverneland MZ 12" Hydrein parts catalogue

    Does anyone have the KV part numbers for all the body parts on a 12" Hydrein plough?...maybe a scan of the parts catalogue?
  14. Richard Devon

    Milking out ewes

    If you have sold fat lambs at 3 months and the ewes still have quite a bit of milk what is the best thing to do? Milk them out once in a while to prevent mastitis or let them go? Is there a "best practice"?
  15. Richard Devon

    fodder beet harvester

    i am on the look out for a single row tanker fodder beet harvester, someone has recommended a Standen Rapide 3A sugar beet lifter. So i am wondering if anyone has any experience of these working on fodder beet, or any other brand for that matter
  16. Richard Devon

    MXU115 hitch control switch

    Does anyone know if there's an aftermarket source for this switch, its not available separate from CNH, just the whole pod/ECU which is 400+ notes.
  17. Richard Devon

    Farmhand F15 (Thrige Agro)

    Anyone know if any dealers still keep parts for these? Looking for the bushes for the boom. As far as I can work out Farmhand got bought up by Trima, then by ALO - Quicke. I've tried a firm in Ireland following a google search but no joy.
  18. Richard Devon

    MXU115 brakes

    We are lucky enough to have just got a s/h MXU115 with about 6k hours on the clock, previously been used for spraying/top dressing etc. The thing that strikes me is the sheer effort needed to use the brakes compared to our 5130 (or in fact the other Cases here), the first stroke is a real...
  19. Richard Devon

    New Zealand vintage machinery tour (November)

    Just thought I would mention here on this site as I went on a trip last November and thoroughly enjoyed it. The tour is hosted by Bill Hohepa who presents a TV series on New Zealand television called Low Gear. He is now organising a trip for this November and needs to know numbers. I think we...
  20. Richard Devon

    Recommendations for a decent pair of work boots

    What's everyone's thoughts on lace-up steel toe-capped boots, similar to the Cat "hydraulic" style - 6 pairs of lace eyes? I have just destroyed my second pair of Cat Hydraulics in as many years, same thing the sole parts company with the rest of it. What do you find is a durable boot?