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    Muck on sheep grazing

    Have a pile of over yeared cattle muck, well rotted, how long would I need to leave between spreading on grass leys and grazing ewes and month plus old lambs? Any legal / farm assurance / experience intervals stipulated / advised? Thanks
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    Morrisons shorthorn

    Any one supplying morrisons / woodheads on their shorthorn scheme, and if so how are you getting on with it? Do you think it would be possible to get good enough grades (o+ or better) with shorthorn x dairy? Tia.
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    Stubble turnips for seed

    We have a field of stubble turnips which are now starting to flower, it is a clean crop with small bulb, and was due to be grazed earlier and go to Spring barley. I am wondering if it would be worth leaving to combine for seed, to provide entry for a first wheat? Has anyone done this before?
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    KRM RTi

    Wanted following harrow for 3 meter KRM RTi drill, may consider whole drill for breaking. Preferably East Anglia or East Midlands, as I am in West Norfolk.
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    FBT rent review

    We are currently under review for FBT rents on the majority of our farm, and despite a good deal of negotiating, are not quite agreed on the new rent. With the new subsidy proposals, it looks as though the next two years will continue as is, with 2021 being decoupled and at reduced levels. We...
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    Water tank / bowser

    We have an old steel tank previously used to store ammonia gas for injecting straw, but has been empty with valves open to air for about five years. We are short of drinking water for sheep on outlying land. Do you think that it would be OK to use this as a bowser regarding any possible residues...
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    Merlo boom

    Merlo 28.7 boom has broken at the welding where it joins the housing for the crowd ram etc, just held on by the bottom of the box beam!. Has anyone had this happen before? Is it possible to repair or have you (assuming it has happened to someone else) had to have a new inner boom or second hand...